The most practical helmet camera there is out there

Fancy recording your track days, through the woods, dirt or just asphalt? A French company who goes by the name “Cambox Vision” is making its life’s purpose to satisfy such necessities. Of course, there are multiple action cameras out there, but none designed and developed purely for motorsports.

Cambox Vision has been making helmet cameras since the last couple of years and currently make helmet cameras specifically to capture beautiful emotions on horseback ("horse"), for motorsports( "meca"), and for extreme outdoor sports ("xtrem"). All of which are 3D printed and hand assembled at their facility in Nantes, France.

Cambox Vision Meca Exterior
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Starting from $ 291.55, Cambox “Meca” MKV2 gives you a sleek helmet camera that needs no additional accessories to tether and also positions ideally in your helmet, just above your eyes while staying out of sight. Filming exactly what and how you see them. It comes with an 8 Gb memory space inside that captures video in 5MP. For the 16 Gb, it is $ 321.44.

At just 0.08 lbs. it is so light that it ingeniously makes use of its Velcro fastener system to hang on the helmet behind the visor. This also preserves the protective role of the helmet, without having any physical element outside of the helmet while negating any aerodynamic resistance. The Meca also has an exclusive patented system that allows it to swivel around to adapt to multiple helmet shapes and sizes. And still stays out of your sight to give you uninterrupted and waivered concentration on the race track.

Cambox Vision Meca Exterior
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For $ 433.65 Cambox ups the ante with the MKV3. Being even thinner and lighter than the MKV2, the V3 also gets portable connectivity offering newer experiences for you to view your adventure and share it with friends and family on the go. Technically, the V3 boasts a 12 MP photo mode, HD video quality (1080p 30fps) with 2 HD mics placed on each side to restore a realistic sound atmosphere in stereo. Hence it gets comes with a 16 Gb memory too. Expandable upto 64 Gb for $ 480.41 Fancy

The V3 additionally incorporates a vibrating motor and integrated LED lights for easier and faster interactions to all your commands. The integrated WIFI technology allows the users to control your angle of view (up to 35 degrees), change your settings, instantly view your photos & videos and transfer them to your smartphone or tablet.

Cambox Vision Meca Exterior
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The mobile app, apart from real-time preview mode, even lets you edit and post-process your photos and videos including brightness and 5 ambiance presets (auto, cloudy, sunny, LED lighting, and fluorescent lighting).

Both models are easy to use with just one operating button to do everything. They are powered by Lithium-ion batteries that charged from 0-100 percent in under 2 hours. Playtime for both models is around 75 minutes. The V2 takes video only in 720p 30fps while the V3 additionally does it in 1080p 30fps. The V2 is available in seven colors whereas the V3 gets twelve.

Cambox Vision Meca Exterior
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Cambox Vision Meca Exterior
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Cambox Vision Meca Exterior
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Cambox Vision Meca Exterior
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If there is anything going against these products are its pricing factors. For much cheaper, there are better products like the GoPro and Skully helmets that offer more possibilities as a complete package. But, of course, cannot match the Meca for their portability and lightweight, practical usage.

The ball is in your court, as always.

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