Glion’s Dolly e-scooter is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive offer on the market, but it’s a well-rounded package with a nice practical twist

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E-scooter buyers know they have to deal with a sea of choices that are expanding even more as we write this. But it a market that’s beginning to cover pretty much everything the customer wants, it’s the well-rounded packages that gain the most traction in terms of sales. Such an example is the Glion Dolly electric scooter. Now, its makers say the Dolly was designed to end tedious commutes in such a way that you won’t ever need to travel by car or by bike. In doing that, Glion’s Dolly aims to deliver a pretty frank offer that stays in an affordable price range while offering a little something from each world. Mind you, the Glion Dolly doesn’t tick all the boxes like some of its (way) more expensive peer, but this electric scooter was not created with performance in mind. For that, there are other scooters which we’ll present in detail here on TopSpeed. But for now, let’s take a closer look at the Glion Dolly e-scooter and what it brings for the hardcore commuter.

Glion Dolly Design

The first thing you notice when looking at the Glion Dolly e-scooter is the delicate and elegant frame. It’s almost like watching a ballerina. But don’t get fooled by the frail looks, because the Dolly e-scooter is made of aircraft-grade aluminum (6061-T6) that are covered in a special powder coat to keep corrosion at bay. We also like the vintage-looking wheel fenders and the fact that the scooter comes fitted with a pedestrian bell. But perhaps the most enticing feature is the way you can transport it when folded.

Now, notice the two extra roller wheels that come on the sides of the rear one? Well, those come into play once the scooter is folded because you can pull it just like you would pull your luggage in an airport thanks to a retractable handle the comes off from the scooter’s board.

Coupled with the lightweight construction (this thing tips the scales at 28 pounds or about 12 kilos) and the easy-fold system (folding/unfolding can be done in an instant), the scooter’s transport-friendly design hints once again that it was developed to serve commuters first and foremost.

Moreover, there’s an anti-lock e-brake system located inside the rear hub motor, and the controls are easy to use: the right twist-grip is the accelerator, while the left one is the brake. The e-scooter also has a battery level indicator thingy mounted on the handlebar and can hold a rider that weighs up to 255 pounds (115 kilos). There’s also a headlamp mounted on the handle, but it’s more for others to see you’re coming rather than lighting up the way ahead.

Glion Dolly Comfort and Practicality

As we mentioned, the Dolly makes folding and hauling become hassle-free tasks, but this does hold a couple of disadvantages. First of all, the 8-inch airless tires might not be easily punctured, but they won’t perform at their best on bumpy surfaces.

Moreover, the lack of a suspension setup will accentuate the shakiness on rough terrain even more, so this doesn’t look like the most comfortable e-scooter out there.

But, having been designed with commuters in mind, who spend most of their times on train platforms and train stations, one could argue that uneven ground won’t be such a strong presence. Then again, the Dolly is easy to carry around - in fact, the roller wheels and the retractable handle we mentioned above mean you won’t have to lift it off the ground unless you need to climb a flight of stairs or put it in your car’s trunk.

Glion Dolly Performance

Glion Dolly Electric Scooter Review
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Don’t expect fireworks when it comes to the Glion Dolly. In fact, the 250W electric motor found inside the rear wheel won’t allow you to tackle inclines at full speed but should be more than decent on flat ground.

Top speed is rated at 15 mph (that’s 24 km/h) which is enough for strolling around the city and also makes this particular e-scooter a good choice for teenagers or people who’ve just recently had their first contact with an electric scooter.

At 15 miles, the maximum range is not the best out there, but if your commute involves the train or the bus, then you shouldn’t have a problem with reaching your destination and back on a full charge. Speaking of which, charging the Dolly to 75% takes around two hours, while a complete charge happens in roughly 3.5 hours - that means those with longer commutes can easily charge it at the office.

Glion Dolly Price

Glion Dolly Electric Scooter Review
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The Glion Dolly e-scooter can be bought off Amazon for $499. Glion also offers a cover for its electric scooter, but that comes separately at $30. Moreover, you can also get an extra charger for the Dolly ($59), a handlebar wrapper ($15), and a kickstand ($15). Also, keep in mind that a replacement battery costs ($249).

Glion Dolly Electric Scooter Specs
Max rider weight 255 pounds (115 kilos)
Weight (w/ battery) 28 pounds (12 kilos)
Top speed 15 mph (25 km/h)
Range per charge 15 miles (25 km)
Motor 250W, gearless, hub
Battery LG Li-ion, 36V, 7.8Ah
Charge time 2 hours to 75%, 3.5 hours to 100%
Battery life cycle 1,000+ cycles (3-5 years)
Frame aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
Tire size 8 inches
Size (folded) 36 in x 16 in x 8 in
Size (unfolded) 38 in x 15 in x 10 in
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