Goplus’ e-scooter lets you stand up or sit down while riding with just a twist

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Did you think there’s not much room for innovation when it comes to electric scooters? Well, think again. Goplus is offering an e-scooter that transforms to let you either stand up or sit down. What’s more, it has a Bluetooth function that lets you play music and its frame build is suitable for both teenagers and adults.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with an overview of the Goplus electric scooter, so that you know what to expect before making the acquisition. Check it out below.

Goplus Electric Scooter Design

The Goplus e-scooter is different from what you might have seen up to this point.

That’s because, essentially, it offers two ways of riding in one package: standing up or sitting down - without the need to mount a seat on it, like it’s the case for some other scooters. The shift from the traditional configuration that lets you keep both your feet on the deck is made by turning the body upward, until the lower deck comes up, revealing the padded cushion. The movement is possible thanks to a joint that connects the handlebar and the deck - all you need to do is loosen a knob to release the mechanism.

Elsewhere, the Goplus electric scooter looks just like any other scooter out there. It’s made of aluminum alloy while the aforementioned cushion is PVC, but it also comes with a handlebar-mounted LED bar and decorative lights for safe night-time rides.

Goplus Electric Scooter - What’s In the Box?

Goplus Electric Scooter Review
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  • electric scooter
  • charger
  • manual

Goplus Electric Scooter Comfort and Practicality

Goplus Electric Scooter Review
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We’ve already discussed in the Design section how the Goplus electric scooter can adapt to your preferred traveling position - upright or seated. In addition to that major feature, the e-scooter features spring shock absorbers and eight-inch pneumatic tires. In this respect, it is very similar to high-end offers, since the suspension-air tires combo is the best you can get in terms of comfort, with little to no shakes and shocks reaching your joints - especially knees, ankles - but also the lower back area. Sure, you’ll have to be careful not to ride the scooter over surfaces littered with glass or other sharp objects that might puncture a tire, but it’s a compromise worth considering in the name of a comfy ride.

Goplus says its e-scooter tips the scales at 31 pounds (14 kilograms) and can hold a maximum load of 221 pounds (100 kilograms).

It’s not the most lightweight e-scooter out there, but it can still be carried without too many issues on shorter distances. What’s more, the e-scooter measures 43 inches x 18 inches x 18 inches when folded thanks to its handlebar mechanism, so storing it shouldn’t pose any issues.

Goplus Electric Scooter Performance

Goplus Electric Scooter Review
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The Goplus electric scooter has two in-wheel electric motors rated at 250 watts each. These motors are fed by a 36-volt (5.2 Ah) Lithium-ion battery pack that charges to full in four to six hours and allows for a maximum range of 10.5 to 12.5 miles (17 to 20 kilometers). The scooter can also reach a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour (25 kilometers per hour) and climb an incline of up to 15 degrees.

Goplus Electric Scooter Specifications
Power 2 x 250W
Battery 36V, 5.2Ah, Li-ion
Range 10.5-12.5 mi
Top speed 15.5 mph
Charging time 4-6 h
Max incline 15 degrees
Size (folded) 43 in x 18 in x 18 in
Size (open) 39 in x 18 in x 43 in
Weight 31 lb
Max load 221 lb
Wheels 8 inches, air-filled

Accelerating and decelerating are done via two controllers mounted on each side of the handlebar, however, the Goplus e-scooter doesn’t feature e-ABS. What it offers instead is a rear-wheel braking setup that involves pressing the fender down with your foot - not the most elegant or modern solution out there, to be honest.

Goplus Electric Scooter Price

The Goplus electric scooter costs $600 and can be ordered from Amazon.

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