Another contender in the city-commuting e-scooter niche

Electric scooters are still booming although some governments are coming up with restrictions and sanctions for those who don’t ride them appropriately – as in with a helmet and not on crowded sidewalks, to start with. Also, don’t ride an e-scooter while drunk. Just don’t.

Now, there are a lot of options you can choose from in the under-$500 e-scooter niche, including the versatile Xiaomi M365. In this review, however, we’ll focus on the Hiboy MAX electric scooter.

Hiboy MAX – Design

Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter Review
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The Hiboy MAX looks pretty basic, flaunting the ever-so-present matte black paint job.

It comes fitted with a bell, a brake lever, and wheel fenders. Up front, it sports two LED lights, while in the back, others will be able to see you thanks to a red light that also acts as brake light. What’s more, the underside of the deck is fitted with blue LED lights (they’re not too bright, though).

In the middle of the handlebar Hiboy mounted an LED display (the company actually calls it Intuitive LED Dashboard). It’s essentially a screen that shows relevant info such as speed, ride modes, and battery level. What’s more, you get the option of switching the speed readings from mph to kph, as well as a button that turns on or off the front and rear lights. We also like how Hiboy decided to integrate the various cables with the overall design of the scooter.

Is the Hiboy MAX Comfortable or Practical?

Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter Review
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You can fold the Hiboy MAX by pressing with your foot on the pin mounted between the scooter’s stem and deck.

Just hold the handle bars with both hands, press on the pin, and pull down. As you drop the stem, you’ll also have to twist it into the folded position and that’s pretty much it. Folding capabilities from an urban-centric e-scooter are expected, since you’re supposed to carry it around flights of stairs or simply store it in the trunk of your car.

The Hiboy MAX is definitely not light as it tips the scales at 34 pounds (15.4 kilograms), but it’s definitely not the heaviest electric scooter out there, so you should be able to carry it for short distances – just don’t use it for power-walking and you’ll be just fine. As most of its rivals, the Hiboy MAX comes with a kickstand, so it’s easy to park it in front of a café or on your driveway, other than simply letting it rest on its side, which could lead to scratches over time.

Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter Review
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The handlebars are wrapped in grippy rubber so that’s a nice thing to have, although we’re not exactly convinced of just how soft the material really is. After all, you don’t want to end up with blisters from riding your scooter. What’s more, the 8.5-inch tires are solid (as in non-air-filled) which means shock absorption isn’t that great as on a scooter fitted with pneumatic tires, so expect an unnerving ride on rough patches of asphalt and whatnot. Obviously, we don’t recommend taking the MAX out on gravel. Hiboy tried to make up for that by going for a meaty tire tread that’s supposed to offer better grip than your run-off-the-mill e-scooter tire, so there’s that.

On the plus side, Hiboy fitted the MAX with a front suspension setup that’s bound to make life easier for your wrists and other joints. What’s more, the deck is covered in a grippy material as well, and there’s plenty of room to keep both your feet on it while riding, as it measures 19.7 inches by 5.7 inches. Last but not least, Hiboy’s MAX e-scooter comes with e-braking (in the front) as well as disc braking (in the rear), a dual-LED headlight and blue lighting around the deck; allowing others to see you from a distance.

Is the Hibody Max Fast and How Far Can It Go?

Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter Review
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Hiboy’s MAX is fitted with a 350-watt brushless electric motor.

Hiboy says the motor is powerful enough to propel the scooter to a top speed of 18.6 mph (30 kph)

. The scooter can also climb a 15-degree incline, while the 270-Wh battery pack (stored inside the deck) is said to offer a max range of 17 miles (27 km) on a single charge. That, of course, is the theoretical value which is measured in optimum conditions.

In real-life use, however, the Hiboy MAX should offer around 10 to 12 miles (16 to 19 km) of range on a full charge. Depending on your proficiency at riding an e-scooter, you can select one of the three available ride modes – Beginner (blue icon), Normal (yellow icon), or Sports (red icon). You can shuffle those by interacting with the LED screen.

How Much Does the Hiboy Max Cost and Where Can I Buy One?

The Hiboy MAX electric scooter can be ordered off Amazon for $430. It’s also one of Amazon’s choices in the ‘electric scooter for adults categories’ and it had a customer rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 at the time of writing.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not ready to spend a lot on a new e-scooter that would kickstart your commute, then the Hiboy MAX can be what you actually need thanks to its no-nonsense packaging and sturdy build first and foremost.

Yes, we would have liked to get air-filled tires, but at least there’s a front suspension setup that mitigates shocks and whatnot. Range might not be as high as advertised, but strictly for city use from home to the office or short weekend rides, the MAX will most likely do the trick. It could also work out great as a first e-scooter, for those who are just now getting the grips with these thingamajigs, as it will let you learn the basics of riding an e-scooter before moving on to a more powerful product.

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