The D4+ is one of the most powerful e-scooters out there and comes with a matching price tag

In today’s clogged traffic that’s beginning to affect smaller cities and not just your run-of-the-mill megalopolis, one mobility solution has been and is still adopted on a large scale: the electric scooter. These buzzing machines can take you from A to B around the city at average speeds similar to a car that abides by urban speed limits, with one huge advantage. Unlike cars, electric scooters are not restrained to the road, are obviously much easier to squeeze through traffic, and let you get to that big meeting in time without breaking a sweat - unlike bikes, for example.

The NANROBOT D4+ electric scooter is one of the best such contraptions out there because it ticks a lot of boxes. In fact, its only drawback is the spicy price tag when compared to other electric scooters, but ultimately, if we take into account its capabilities, the sticker becomes justifiable. However, before you actually make a buying decision, let’s see what the NANROBOT D4+ is all about.


The NANROBOT D4+ looks a bit like an enduro motorcycle, and we can’t say no to that. It rides on fat 10-inch tires, employs a front suspension system that uses four springs, perforated disc brakes, and uses a high-strength aluminum-alloy frame, which allows it to support a rider that weighs up to 330 pounds (that’s 150 kilos). Moreover, the manufacturer says its e-scooter is fitted with two charging ports so you can connect it to two chargers, essentially cutting down charging time in half.

Power comes from two 1000W brushless motors located in the wheels, but you won’t be able to harness that without the key.

That’s right; the D4+ employs a good old key that lets you use the electric scooter. Otherwise, it simply won’t start.

The scooter is also fitted with a controller that can be customized in 10 different ways. It allows to fine-tune settings such as speed measurement unit (km/h or mph), cruise speed, and the amount of power delivered by the motors. You can also select between having both the motors turned on or just one, as well as two ride modes: Eco and Turbo.

NANROBOT D4+ Comfort and Practicality

NANROBOT D4+ Electric Scooter Review
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The NANROBOT D4+ can also be folded thanks to a safety lever system, which means you can take it with you on the bus/subway and then unfold it once your public transportation trip is over. The handlebars are also foldable, which is even more helpful when storage space is crammed.

For its 2019 version, the D4+ received thicker tires and a wider pedal, which means more control on the rider’s behalf but also a more comfortable riding position as you won’t have to constantly worry about the way your feet are positioned on the scooter’s board.

Speaking of comfort, the rear wheel also gets a new shock absorber, and fender - one will keep the scooter steady over bumps while the other won’t let rainwater or mud splash you.

NANROBOT D4+ Performance

When it comes to performance, the NANROBOT D4+ offers one of the best spoils on the market, thanks to a top speed of 34 to 40 mph (that’s 54 to 64 km/h) and a maximum range of 34 to 40 miles (which is 54 to 64 km). The range alone should be enough for plenty of errand running as well as a fair share of trips from home to the office. The chunky air-filled tires we mentioned earlier will also come in handy on rougher surfaces, just like the E-scooters climbing ability - the D4+ can go up a hill with an incline of up to 45 degrees.

The D4+ electric scooter is IP53-rated, which means it is partially resistant to dust ingress and water spray less than 60 degrees from vertical. This means you shouldn’t low- or high-pressure wash it under any circumstances. Moreover, riding in rainy weather should also be avoided when possible.


NANROBOT D4+ Electric Scooter Review
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The NANROBOT D4+ usually sells for $1,699, but at the time of writing,

NANROBOT was offering a nice discount which made the price tag drop to $1,349.

The e-scooter can also be fitted with a seat, but that is sold separately. The same goes for a replacement battery. And yes, you can get your NANROBOT D4+ on Amazon from multiple sellers. For quick access check out the link below. You should also know that the shipping is made via UPS and it normally takes between seven to 10 days to arrive.

Range 34-40 miles (54-64 km)
Frame aluminum
Motor 2 x 1000 W
Max speed 34-40 mph (54-64 km/h)
Battery Li-ion, 52V, 23Ah
Charging time 3 hours
Wheel diameter 10 inches
Weight 59.5 pounds (27 kilos)
Size 48 inches x 44.9 inches x 22.5 inches
Size folded 11.8 inches x 43.3 inches x 22.5 inches
Load capacity 330 pounds (150 kilos)
Max climbing ability 45 degrees
Styles available D4+, D4+ with seat
Waterproof rating IP53
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