Monster Truck Games

Best Monster Truck Games

What Are Monster Truck Games?

Monster truck games are usually about running over cars and causing as much destruction as you can. This is especially true for games like Monster Truck Destroyer and Master Blaster 2, but we also have a fine selection of monster truck racing games like Big Monster Truck and 3D Monster Truck: Skyroads

Are These Games for Adults or Kids?

Our monster truck games are definitely appealing to kids of all ages, but teenagers and adults also find them fun. Kids will really enjoy racing games like Grand Truckismo or Truck Toss while adults will really enjoy Pepsi Max Monster Truck Mayhem, Kizi, and Heavy Wheels on Snow. With at least 30 games ready to play right in your browser, all of which will be fun for adults and kids alike.

Can I Play Monster Truck Games With My Friends

None of our monster truck browser games have online multiplayer capability, but most people have fun taking turns with their friends on the same computer or playing side-by-side on separate computers and comparing scores.

Why Aren’t Browser Games Working for Me?

We have a massive collection of browser games and while some of them use newer technology like Unity and HTML5, some still run on Flash, which means you need to grant your browser permission to run Flash. If there’s a pop up when you load the page, simply press allow. Otherwise, you may have to go into your browser settings and turn off Flash blocking in order to play.