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Aprilia's RSV4 RF 'Limited Edition' breaks cover

Aprilia’s RSV4 RF ’Limited Edition’ breaks cover

For $24,499, you get "aerodynamic appendages" on the bike

The world from today is going to change because Aprilia just gave us the world’s first production superbike with aerodynamic winglets. Underpinned by the legendary RSV4 architecture, the new machine will be a limited edition affair of just 125 units, and all of them are heading to North America.

Called as the Aprilia RSV4 RF LE (RF Limited Edition), the carbon fiber winglets on this will change the way future superbikes will look like. It was launched at the GP of Americas in Austin, Texas and will come with a price tag of $24,499, a $1,000 premium over the highly acclaimed Aprilia RSV4 RF.

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Aprilia's new RSV4 RF LE will come with winglets

Aprilia’s new RSV4 RF LE will come with winglets

To be the first road-legal production bike to have aerodynamic wings

The Aprilia RSV4 has been a well-accomplished name in the circuits of SBK championship, where the motorcycle has already recorded seven world titles in a span of six years. It is this testimony of the RSV4, which has made it quite unshakable when it comes to consistency in the liter class supersport segment.

For 2018, Aprilia North America is bringing a limited edition of the RSV4 to be launched on 22 April at the GP of Americas in Austin, Texas. It’s called the RSV4 RF LE and will be the world’s first road-legal production superbike that will come equipped with aerodynamic winglets.

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The Gentleman's Racer by VanderHeide Motorcycles

The Gentleman’s Racer by VanderHeide Motorcycles

A carbon-fiber avant-garde machine with a patent-pending suspension setup

Carbon fiber has been considered the most exotic material ever since McLaren first made use of it to build a monocoque chassis for its Formula One car, 35 years ago. And so has Rolf van der Heide, a Dutch engineer who had worked for Spyker and Carver (makers of three-wheeled road machines) in the past. He saw endless possibilities of carbon fiber composites and went on to create the motorcycle of his dreams with it.

With his brother Sjors handling the business end and industrial designer Michiel, the ‘Gentleman’s Racer’ was born. With a 100% carbon fiber monocoque chassis, a 100% carbon fiber swingarm, a 100% carbon fiber front end and a patent-pending revolutionary designed suspension system, we see this creation as a genesis of a new breed of humankind. One who is not scared witless to venture into the realm reserved only for the upper-crust.

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The Hottest Tool In The Motorcycle Mechanic's Toolbox

The Hottest Tool In The Motorcycle Mechanic’s Toolbox

Aprilia Develops An Augmented-Reality Mechanic’s Helmet

I gotta say, after watching the mindless lemmings wandering into traffic while playing Pokeyman on their phones, I didn’t have a very favorable opinion of the whole augmented-reality thing, and couldn’t really imagine it going beyond chasing imaginary creatures around on real terrain. Aprilia, in cooperation with Realmore, has just illustrated for me the error in my thinking. Introducing the DAQRI Smart Helmet; an AR device meant as an aid for the factory’s race mechanics. In fact, said mechanics will be debuting their fancy bucket at the San Marino MotoGP this very weekend.

Continue reading for more on the Augmented Reality helmet.

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The machine of a dream: MotoMorphic JaFM

The machine of a dream: MotoMorphic JaFM

The MotoMorphic JaFM#1 is the unique creation of Victor Komunytsky and Jim Davis, the proud ex-owners of a small repair shop and a small motorcycle selling business. We are saying “ex” because the two had to sell their business in order to fully concentrate on finishing their dream machine.

Taking a closer look at this motorcycle, we realize that the two builders don’t have bad taste at all. In fact, this thing is built on a custom chassis made of 6061-T6 tubing and CNC machined billet 6061 with incorporated gas tank. The swingarm is made in-house as well while the fork was provided by Ohlins, the monoshock by Penske and the brakes are fancy Brembo units. What actually sets this bike apart from anything else we’ve seen before are definitely the outrageously big wheels. Is there any point in mentioning that the base motorcycle (or better yet, donor bike) is an Aprilia Falco?

The guys at MotoMorphic also took the time to properly promote their creation so here is some action footage of the bike.

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