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Aprilia Recalls Shiver and Caponord Models Due to Gearbox Issues

Aprilia Recalls Shiver and Caponord Models Due to Gearbox Issues

Aprilia is jumping on the recall bandwagon, as if it has no other choice but to join in when it discovered that a handful of its Shiver 750 and Caponord 1200 bikes had potentially serious issues that could result in crashes for the bikes and their riders.

So April is doing the prudent thing here, announcing the recall of 337 motorcycles in the US after the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that the bikes’ output gear shaft face may not have been machined to the proper specifications by Aprilia’s supplier, Chonging Qiutian Gear Co. The result of this oversight is that screws fastening the sprocket could loosen over time, potentially causing the rear wheel to lock up. That’s not a good place to be in if you’re a rider and that happens to your bike. The UK’s Vehicle $ Safety Services Agency (VOSA) issued a similar recall of the affected Aprilia bikes, indicating that an abnormal noise on the parts involved could be an indication of the potential problem.

That’s probably all that Aprilia needed to spring to action, immediately announcing the recall of the 2014-2015 models of the Shiver 750 and 2015 models of the Caponord.

According the bike maker, riders can bring their bikes to dedicated dealerships, which will then launch investigations on the affected models to determine if it needs to be repaired. In the event that it does need repairs, dealers will immediately install a revised sprocket fastener kit and, if required, add a new secondary shaft for good measure, all at no cost to the customer.

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