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Aprilia's "Factory Works" has couped up a 215 hp RSV4

Aprilia’s "Factory Works" has couped up a 215 hp RSV4

It now gets its own wings, and I am not even kidding

Aprilia Racing christened its ‘Factory Works’ project which allowed customers to get access to their special, high-performance machines that begins life as the extraordinary 201 hp RSV4. It was the single most exciting thing to come out of the 2015 EICMA convention which got every moto aphrodisiac’s blood racing.

For the 2017 EICMA stand, Aprilia brings in the 2018 version of the RSV4 superbike that has been now primmed up to 215 hp, courtesy a weight saving program and some fancy equipment kits altering the engine components and bodywork.

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The Hottest Tool In The Motorcycle Mechanic's Toolbox

The Hottest Tool In The Motorcycle Mechanic’s Toolbox

Aprilia Develops An Augmented-Reality Mechanic’s Helmet

I gotta say, after watching the mindless lemmings wandering into traffic while playing Pokeyman on their phones, I didn’t have a very favorable opinion of the whole augmented-reality thing, and couldn’t really imagine it going beyond chasing imaginary creatures around on real terrain. Aprilia, in cooperation with Realmore, has just illustrated for me the error in my thinking. Introducing the DAQRI Smart Helmet; an AR device meant as an aid for the factory’s race mechanics. In fact, said mechanics will be debuting their fancy bucket at the San Marino MotoGP this very weekend.

Continue reading for more on the Augmented Reality helmet.

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