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2016 Ariel Rider C-Class / N-Class / W-Class

2016 Ariel Rider C-Class / N-Class / W-Class

Green is the word nowadays as manufacturers keep trending toward electric bikes. I don’t usually look at bicycles, and one could make the argument that a bicycle — which is by its nature green power — is made less green by adding an electric motor. However, adding that motor increases the usefulness and gives folks an alternative to scooters.

Ariel Rider is a company founded by two brothers to produce a means of transportation that is not only green/sustainable, but also fun. After studying areas with large bicycle cultures, the brothers started to design their electric-assist bicycles with an eye to form as well as function. What they wound up with has a certain sexiness, and looks to be a nice alternative to some of the purely pragmatic rides out there right now. Come check out the current lineup and you will see what I mean.

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