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Benelli's stand at EICMA was actually Ducati's

Benelli’s stand at EICMA was actually Ducati’s

Making no sense? Read ahead

Benelli was finding it difficult to locate its identity amidst the modern and competitive world, even more after it was acquired by a Chinese firm. But now, it seems like a thing of the past, more of a ‘myth’ one could say.

Benelli is trying to revive its fortunes by showcasing products designed by CentroStile Benelli and slowly helping their reputation get back to their original charm. But that is the problem.

They are not trying to build their own reputation, instead, they seem to take on cues from another Italian maker, Ducati.

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Benelli TRK 502 Finally Sees The Light Of Day

Benelli TRK 502 Finally Sees The Light Of Day

Benelli’s Long Awaited Adventure-Tourer

Way back in 2015, the Milan show hosted the Benelli TRK 502 for our first peek at the all-new ride, and it has finally gone into production for public consumption. Critics of the ride call it a ripoff of the Ducati Multistrada, but to be fair, the adventure-bike genre is fairly well established, and most of the bikes in that family fall within three distinct styles. In that, the TRK is no more a copycat than everyone else with a dog in that fight. It sports a dramatic bird’s beak fairing with the typical windshield, but little else beyond a pair of handguards for rider protection. A mid-size mill pushes 33 pounds of grunt at 4,500 rpm backed up by 46 ponies at 8,500 rpm, but at 518 pounds soaking wet you can forget about turning in any kind of blistering trail times by any means. Whether you want to use it as an adventure-tourer or actually plan on going off-road, Benelli offers a suspension and front wheel package that will suit your purposes. For now, we have only the Italian price of around 6k Euros, but ya gotta start somewhere.

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