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French Tuner builds BMW R1200R 'Le Rider'

French Tuner builds BMW R1200R ’Le Rider’

Panda Moto is a French Tuner that was inspired by last year’s Milan Show BMW hit, the Lo Rider, and decided to have its own approach towards the idea and yet remain faithful to the German brand. So it took a standard BMW R1200R and chopped up the rear end in order to achieve the radical look while bringing in a pair of lightweight, standard spoked wheels and Ohlins suspensions to support those. The steering geometry was altered to improve handling and a handcrafted exhaust is sure to make a screamer out of this beauty.

The Panda Moto R1200R weighs 217 kg, making for a pretty heavy piece of two-wheeled machinery. But, with prices ranging between 18,000 - 24,000 euros, weight is this bike’s last problem.

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BMW's renderings regarding the Lo Rider

BMW’s renderings regarding the Lo Rider

The recently unveiled BMW Lo Rider concept strips down to the very essence of motorcycling and brings us customization possibilities that were frankly unexpected from a manufacturer known more for its army and touring motorcycle, not this cruiser-like model.

But it seems that finding new means of thrilling a rider’s heart is the way to go into the future and BMW gets a decent head start with the sketches released after the public unveiling in Milan. These make public twelve customization possibilities which are imagined by BMW designers and could very well materialize into something real.

Motorcyclenews launches the question on everyone’s minds: “Should BMW build the Lo Rider?” and you are invited to answer to on their website.

P.S. By the way that these sketches look, you know my answer!

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Video of BMW Lo Rider

It may not be the best promotional video you’ve seen (no sound, by the way), but it does catch the bike’s innovative features. Designed with an Individually Variable Design, the new BMW Lo Rider motorcycle features a customizable template allowing riders to tailor various features of the bike to their individual needs including different exhaust systems, seats, headlamp units and paint finishes.

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BMW Lo Rider

BMW Lo Rider

BMW presents the Lo Rider concept at EICMA in Milan as a new approach towards the roadster style and with plenty customization possibilities available in order for man to become one with the machine. Based on the future rider’s preferences, the muscular looking concept will feature customer combined minor design elements or even customer opted headlamp unit, fuel tank, and front and rear fenders.

Press Release after the break.

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