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Armored Boss Hoss motorcycle

Armored Boss Hoss motorcycle

If you are looking for a better interpretation for “safe riding”, it is very likely that this armored Boss Hoss motorcycle qualifies for the perfect thing. Let’s say you’re pretty good at riding and the problem for you now isn’t keeping your butt on the bike, but protecting yourself and the machine from a weapon assault let’s say.

Hollywood stuntman and inventor Eddie Paul has designed the “Secret Weapon” which is basically a Boss Hoss motorcycle covered in thick metal body parts positioned at an angle for maximum deflection (just like on tanks) and featuring a Lexan bullet-proof windscreen. The thing even features two 7.62mm electrically driven rotating Gatling guns (replicas, of course).

The only question here is: If the bike on which you plan to ride, do stunts or show off looks like that, what does gearing up for riding imply?

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