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Video: Paying Tribute To John Britten And The Britten V1000

Video: Paying Tribute To John Britten And The Britten V1000

Most of today’s younger generation probably has no idea who John Britten was. That’s not entirely their fault because Britten died in 1995. That’s right, September 2015 will be the 20th anniversary of his death and to those who do remember the legendary motorcycle builder, it’s enough reason to celebrate the man and his contributions to the industry, namely the Britten V1000 superbike.

To say that the Britten V1000 is rare would be a massive understatement. Only 10 models were produced by Britten Motorcycle Company and really, you’d have to scour the ends of the earth to find one that isn’t tucked comfortably in a collector’s garage. Guy Martin rode one back in January 2015, but he’s Guy Martin. Normal rules don’t apply to this man.

In any case, a handful of V1000s did make a rare joint appearance at Ruapuna Raceway in Christchurch, New Zealand to celebrate the 20th B.E.A.R.S. Sound of Thunder race festival. It should be noted that Britten was one of the founding members of the series and it was at Ruapuna Raceway where testing and development of the V1000 took place.

See the connection right there?

The tribute event to Britten was attended by Britten racers Andrew Stroud, Shaun Harris, and Loren Poole. Bob Robbins, the owner of the CR&S V1000 “Black Beauty” race bike, considered as one of the holy grails of the V1000 family, was also in attendance, adding to the impressive collection of V1000 bikes present in the same place.

Judging by the video created by Britten Motion Pictures, you can tell that the event was a resounding success. The V1000s were the expected highlights of the festival, but all in all, it was also a nice and fitting occasion to pay tribute to John Britten, the man who created the bikes in the first place.

Continue reading to read more about the John Britten tribute at the BEARS Sound of Thunder 2015 event.

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