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Buell 1125R hits 148.7 mph on ice

Buell 1125R hits 148.7 mph on ice

Buell’s 1125R sportbike was acquainted for being fast, but not the fastest one out there. Meanwhile, things have changed as the 1125’s Rotax-built Helicon V-twin engine powered the bike to a precise speed of 148.7 mph. Ok, but that’s no record-breaking speed you might say and I couldn’t agree more. All that needs to be mentioned is that the respective speed was achieved on ice, which changes the situation completely.

Stunt rider Craig Jones got behind the handlebar of an 1125R equipped with studded tires and a shot of nitrous for the attempt that took place on Lake Dellen in Sweden. The lake ices only for a short period in mid winter but when it does it allows for these kinds of activities to take place on its surface. I just cannot see why other manufacturers don’t come up with such fairly unusual achievements.

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