Cafe Racer photos

Café racers are a type of bobber/roadster that uses a standard/UJM as a platform, and is set up for agile handling characteristics with strong acceleration. The overall top speed is almost irrelevant since their domain is the urban jungle and the premium is on acceleration out of the turns, and the turns themselves. The café-tastic features that define the class include bullet fairings with a cyclops headlight, a smallish fuel tank that contributes to a relatively level flyline, a tail fairing for a solo/racer look and number plates on the flanks in a nod to their racing roots. (Yes, racing from café to pub qualifies...) Short bars pull the rider into a racing posture to emulate the original bars which were frequently the stock bars turned upside-down and backwards with the concurrent tank dings from bar contact. ( H-D Iron 1200, Kawasaki W800, Triumph Street Cup.)