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2011 CR&S VUN Tricolore

2011 CR&S VUN Tricolore

CR&S (Cafe Racing and Sport) is saying Happy Birthday to Italy with the unveiling of the VUN Tricolore. The model will be put on display at the "Esperienza Italia" exhibition in Turin from now until November 20, 2011.

The name VUN comes from the Milanese word for one which is perfect for this single cylinder, single seater sports bike. The tribute to Italy comes in the bike’s Italian tricolore paint job and the "1802-1805" logo - the time span for the First Italian Republic.

"The Italian leadership of today seems blithely out of step with current world events: The Italian premiere fawns over and publicly kisses the hand of Muammar Gaddafi, who upon returning to his kingdom of Libya, begins to brutally repress and murder his people; Japan struggles to prevent a major nuclear disaster, while Italy prepares to hold a referendum on whether to allow the construction of nuclear reactors on Italy’s earthquake-prone territory (the referendum is worded in such a way that if you are against changing the law to allow nuclear reactors you must answer "yes" - ’furbo’)."

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