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2016 Confederate Motorcycles P51 Combat Fighter

2016 Confederate Motorcycles P51 Combat Fighter

The P51 Combat Fighter is the latest creation from Confederate Motorcycles, and as usual it’s as much a work of art as it is a mode of transportation. Far from all show and no go, the designers at the Birmingham, Alabama factory built this striking ride around a massive 2,163 cc (132 cubic-inch) engine that boasts 18 more cubic inches than the next biggest production American mill; the 1,868 cc (114 cubic-inch) Milwaukee-Eight from Harley-Davidson.

As I spoke to Matt Chambers, the man who founded Confederate Motorcycles back in 1991, and designer Jordan Cornille, the enthusiasm was palpable as they discussed this current model that strongly reflects the core principles upon which the company is based; minimalism, primitivism and avant-gardism. Join me while I check out what this Southern-fried manufacturer has going on over there with its latest tribute piece that blends a rebellious attitude with homage for our country’s founders.

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