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Tribute video to the Crocker Motorcycle

The V-twin Crocker Special was America’s first true Superbike. These bikes were built in limited numbers from 1936 to 1942. Each one was hand assembled and the customer could specify engine sizes from 61 cubic inches up to 91 cubic inches. The vast majority of the Crocker Specials were 61s. No bike produced by Indian or Harley could come close to matching the performance of a Crocker Special, not even the famed Harley Knucklehead. A bone stock 61 Crocker Special put out 60 horsepower to the Knucklehead’s 40 and could do 120 MPH off the showroom floor.

Al Crocker never intended the Crocker Special to be a mass produced bike. It was a performance machine for true aficionados who could afford the best. Even in the midst of the Great Depression, there were more orders than the small factory in Los Angeles could hope to produce. But, sadly, the Crocker was a victim of WWII and production ceased in 1942. In all, approximately 120 Crocker Specials were made.

Check out crockermotorcycleco for info on the re-introduction of the Crocker.

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