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2017 CSC Motorcycles RZ3

2017 CSC Motorcycles RZ3

Is It a Motorcycle Or A Camel?

CSC Motorcycles, in cooperation with the Zongshen Industrial Group, is looking to expand its lineup of imported rides with the addition of the RZ3. Similar to last year’s RC3, the RZ3 is all street/sport, but this all-new model adopts more of a naked look to carry the same, 24-horsepower mill. How will it compete in a market already dominated by the Big Four? We’ll just have to wait and see; according to Mr. Steve Seidner down at CSC, the first units should hit the floor sometime around the end of June. Even though it’s only available for pre-order at this time, I’m somewhat familiar with the brand and the RC3, so I thought I’d give the new model a preview based on the preponderance of evidence.

Continue reading for my first look at the CSC RZ3.

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