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Curtiss Motorcycle's "Hades" gets a matured re-take on its design

Curtiss Motorcycle’s "Hades" gets a matured re-take on its design

A modest redo before heading to production for Spring 2020

After being rebranded as “Curtiss Motorcycle Co.,” the firm went head-on with making full-blown exquisite electric-powered motorcycles. They showcased the "Zeus" concept a couple of years back, and most recently, the “Hades” concept came out with an unusual and wild, phallic induced design form.

Honestly, this created hilarious responses within the industry scribes and the readers, taking us back to the grade school jokes and pranks. Fortunately, Curtiss has responded with subtle tweaks to give it a little modesty just before the Spring 2020 production slot. Phew!

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Confederate Motors is set to become Curtiss Motorcycle Co.

Confederate Motors is set to become Curtiss Motorcycle Co.

And will run on electric powertrain supplied from Zero Motorcycles

One of the few exotic motorcycle manufacturers, Confederate Motors, had a pretty successful run in their 26-year tenure, apart from a brief bankruptcy days in 2001-2003. They made extremely high-powered, big V-twin motorcycle models including the Hellcat, Wraith, Combat Fighter and the Combat Bomber, all of which catered to the uber-rich class of customers.

This year, the brand announced that they will be switching to electric powertrain rather than combustion engines and will be renamed as “Curtiss Motorcycle Co.” with effect from January 2018. The name change is due to the business impact of association with the US Confederacy.

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