Boats Ducati Diavel Titanium

Ducati Diavel Titanium

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2015 Ducati Diavel Titanium

2015 Ducati Diavel Titanium

Motorcycle and car manufacturers both like to throw around the word ’exclusive,’ to the point that it has almost lost its meaning. Not so with the latest addition to Ducati’s Diavel line, the 2015 Diavel Titanium.

Folks, this is a truly exclusive bike, made so by the very limited, 500-bike production run that builds on the already outstanding Ducati Diavel. The net result is a radically refined ride that boasts all the features the factory has to offer, with the addition of exotic materials and a unique production number to boot. This is THE Ducati to own if you want to stand apart from the plethora of cookie-cutter streetbikes available today.

Continue reading for my review of the 2015 Ducati Diavel Titanium.

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