Delivery Racer


Deliver packages of the citizens as you dodge difficult roadblocks. Make stunts over trains and traffic to speed through the deliveries and win trust of your customers. Unlock cute characters and bikes to help you in this delivery endeavour and be fast. Complete tough levels and show your hand eye coordination skills. The levels get tougher as you move forward and you will really have to prove yourself as a worthy delivery executive. Are you ready for the challenge? Prove yourself with Delivery Racer!

How to play Delivery Racer?

The game is a level based game where the levels get tougher as you complete your current levels. You can make addition cash by picking up the money powerups on the road while making deliveries which you can use to upgrade your bike or your character. You can also multiply your cash grabs by watching an ad. Remember the controls are easy but the game is hard to master.


Mobile: Slide your finger into the area to drop the delivery and ride the bike
Web/PC: Slide your mouse into the area to drop the delivery and ride the bike

What are the upgradations in Delivery Racer?

There are plenty of upgradations in Delivery Racer - there are 6 characters to unlock for 500 credits each. Also, You can also upgrade your bike from 4 choices for 3000 credits each.

How to save progress in this game?

The game data is saved in browser cache. Make sure you don’t delete the browser cache or data. Otherwise, You can lose all your game progress in the process.

About the game

The game is developed by BP Top. They are known for their great and simple offerings in the hypercasual game space on web. They remake popular hypercasual games into popular web titles. With this game, they have offered a cute hypercasual game where you have to make deliveries on a 3 way lane. It is really fun and addictive.



Delivery Racer
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Cool Gameplay!
Make deliveries and win their trust by delivering fast. Play this game only on
Delivery Racer
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Easy Controls!
Super easy sliding controls for mobile and web but hard to master gameplay.
Delivery Racer
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Tough Levels!
Dodge road blocks, speed through traffic and make stunts over train.
Delivery Racer
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A Lot Of Content!
Unlock 4 bikes and 6 characters in this game.
Delivery Racer
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Cute Graphics!
Speed through the city on your cute bike and make deliveries on a 3 way lane.

Similar/Alternative Games

Rush Race: Speed through on a 2 way lane and dodge the traffic to reach the finish line before the timer goes up.
Road Crash: Merge cars to make better cars and race with them on a crazy battle with your opponents.
Wheelie Cross: Make wheelie and go as far as you can to make the highest score.

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