Happy Wheels Fan Made


The most popular ragdoll game is back on web platforms. Experience the same madness and pick your favorite characters. Play all the community favorite levels and show your skills in this crazy game. Ride through various obstacles and make your way to the finish line by some way. It is still the same fun mechanics and will test your patience and skills. Are you ready to not rage quit? Prove yourself with all the levels in Happy Wheels Fan Made!

How to Play Happy Wheels?

Simply pick a community favorite level and then head over to character selection. Pick you character and you’re go to go. This is a fan made version of Happy Wheels that has 3 characters to choose from and 9 levels to play.


Arrow Keys: Ride/Steer/Brake
Z: Eject
Shift/Ctrl: Secondary Options
Spacebar: Primary Action- Grab

About the game

This is a fan made version of the iconic game Happy Wheels. The original game came online in 2010 and has been one of the most popular web games of the last decade. With the untimely end of flash, Players had to say good bye to the flash version of HappyWheels but last year the developer Fancy Force released a new version of the game based javascript.

Currently this game version has 3 characters to pick and 9 levels to play your favorite game with all the fun and madness.

If you want to experience the whole game then play HappyWheels on TotalJerkFace.com

You can also download mobile version of the game Happy Wheels from Play Store.



Happy Wheels Fan Made
- image 1045321
Iconic Gameplay!
Experience the same old iconic gameplay. Play this game on TopSpeed.com.
Happy Wheels Fan Made
- image 1045322
Tough Levels!
Play on 9 tough levels of the game with mad tough obstacles.
Happy Wheels Fan Made
- image 1045323
Our Favorite Characters!
Pick from the 3 popular characters in the game.
Happy Wheels Fan Made
- image 1045324
The Iconic Physics!
Ride through various obstacles and speed through the tracks with the iconic physics.
Happy Wheels Fan Made
- image 1045325
Addictive Game!
Experience the same fun madness obstacle courses as you ride your way to the finish line.
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