Moto Trial Racing 2


Speed through racing tracks on a sky high exotic location where you have to beat tough and challenging bike A.I. Complete and conquer upto 10 races and unlock better bikes as you level up! You can also go head to head with your friend and compete in a stunning toon racing adventure. Make crazy stunts as you speed through a stunt ramp and use the nitro to speed up on your opponents. Are you ready to be the best toon bike racer? Prove yourself with Moto Trial Racing 2!

How to play Moto Trial Racing 2?

The game has 2 game modes for you to explore:
Singleplayer: Complete upto 10 levels of tough racing and become the best as you go on this solo bike racing journey.
Two Player: Compete with your friend and race with 2 A.Is and prove whose the best of all.
NOTE: Use nitro to speed up and try to take shortcuts on turns to take the lead.


Player 1:
S,F,E,D: Drive/steer
Shift: Nitro
WR: Kick opponents
C: Respawn
Single player/Player 2:
Arrow Keys: Drive/steer
Spacebar: Nitro
N,M: Kick opponents
H: Respawn

How to save progress in this game?

The game data is saved in browser cache. Make sure you don’t delete the browser cache or data. Otherwise, You can lose out on all game progress made in the process.

About the game

The game is developed by VitalityGames. They are a premium developer known for their games in all variety of genres. With this game they have offered a cool two player bike racing game. Upto 10 races to complete and win.

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Moto Trial Racing 2
- image 1049820
Cool Toon Bikes To Unlock!
Unlock cool looking toon bikes and race with confidence. Play this game only on
Moto Trial Racing 2
- image 1049821
10 Race To Unlock And Win!
Unlock and race in upto 10 tough and challenging races.
Moto Trial Racing 2
- image 1049825
Cool Graphics And VFX!
Amazing toon tracks and bikes for you to explore and experience.
Moto Trial Racing 2
- image 1049823
Tough And Challenging Levels!
Twisty roads, Stunt ramps, narrow roadways and difficult obstacles are waiting for you to beat them.
Moto Trial Racing 2
- image 1049824
Competing A.I To Beat!
Tough and challenging AI to beat through twisty roads going up and down.

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