Super MX - The Champion Race


Ride your bike high through tough dirt stunt tracks and make a statement with your crazy dirt bike. Ride through various tough obstacle courses and get your skills right in free mode. When you feel ready to step up to the other rival members, Head over to the green checkpoint to race with the best of dirt bike players. Compete with tough and very challenging dirt bike racers and claim your victory by going through various dirt ramps, twists and turns. When you conquer the first race, You can always change your map and conquer other levels and environment settings. Are you ready to prove yourself as a worthy dirt biker? Prove yourself with Super MX - The Champion Race!

How to play Super MX - The Champion Race?

Super MX - The Champion Race is a free roam based game. Where you can practice your dirt biking skills and perfect your riding skills in those dirt tracks. When you master the art of dirt biking you can head over to the green checkpoint of your current map and participate in a race with the best players of that map. Remember, The rival opponents will give you a hard time and make sure you don’t get ahead of them. There will be difficult dirt ramps, twists and turns. All you have to do is speed fast the opponents and ride perfect laps to claim victory. There are upto 5 maps that you can discover and conquer your dirt biking with and show everyone whose the new dirt biking KING.

Remember to get all the checkpoints in this game. Otherwise, You will be respawned to your last checkpoint which will be frustrating if you’ve taken the lead.


W,A,S,D/Arrow Keys: Ride/Steer/Brake
Spacebar: Respawn

How to save progress in this game?

The game data is saved in browser cache. Make sure you don’t delete the browser cache or data. Otherwise, You can lose all your game progress made in this game

What is the name of the dirt bike in this game?

The dirt bike in this game is the BETA 450RS.

Check out all details about this dirt bike and their manufacturer on TopSpeed.

What is the best way to win the races?

We would recommend first riding across the dirt track for some time to perfect the riding skills on that particular track. Then when you feel confident enough to race. Here’s our tips

  • Try to get ahead of the dirt bikers at the starting of the race.
  • Make sure you are on the dirt track or else you could lose checkpoints.
  • Overtake bikers on small turns and get the lead.
  • When you get the lead, Just try to ride on the dirt track and get all the checkpoints otherwise you could be respawned to your last checkpoint.
  • We’d advise slowing down a bit when taking sharp turns and going mad on a straight road.
    We hope these tips get you to conquer all the tracks in this game.

About the game

The game is developed by Barnzmu. They are known for their professional bike and car games available to play for free on the web market. With this game, They have offered a stunning realistic dirt bike simulator game. With 5 stunning maps and a lot of races for you to conquer and win.

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Super MX - The Champion Race
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Cool Dirt Bikes!
Challenge other dirt bikes into a racing showdown. Play this game only on
Super MX - The Champion Race
- image 1046029
Stunning Tracks!
Experience the best of dirt biking with this game’s amazing graphics.
Super MX - The Champion Race
- image 1046030
Tough Stunts To Perform!
Perform tough stunt sequences and make your way to victory.
Super MX - The Champion Race
- image 1046031
Cool Graphics!
Race on 5 stunning dirt tracks and practice your dirt biking to perfection.
Super MX - The Champion Race
- image 1046032
Crazy Dirt Bike Racing!
Race with tough dirt bikers and claim victory through tough twists and turns.

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