Two Bike Stunts


Unlock stunning bikes and ride them across 2 action filled stunt tracks. Make crazy jumps from long ramps across the port levels and create the highest air time. Bring your friend/colleague along and make make stunts together. Customize your bike with cool skins for your bike and ride in style. Collect coins across the map and use it to buy the 3 locked bikes in the game. Are you ready to make crazy stunts across the port level? Prove yourself with Two Bike Stunts!

How to play Two Bike Stunts?

This game is a free roam based stunt game. There are 2 levels based in a port for you to explore. The objective of the game is to make the highest air time and collecting coins to unlock the locked bikes. You can customize your bike for FREE. Bring your friend along in a crazy stunt battle and see who can make better and longer jumps in the 2 PLAYER mode of the game.
NOTE: Use Nitro to get insane speed up for your bikes.


Player 1:
Arrow Keys: Ride/Steer/Brake
N: Nitro
C: Camera
Player 2:
W,A,S,D: Ride/Steer/Brake
T: Nitro
Q: Camera
R: Level Restart

How to save progress in this game?

The game data is saved in browser cache. Make sure you don’t delete your browsing data or history. Otherwise, you could lose out on all the game progress made in the process.

About the game

The game is developed by RHM Interactive. They are a pioneer developer in the two player games genre. They are known as the starting publishers and developers for Two Player Games. With this game, they have offered a small and great bike stunt racer with 2 port environments for you to explore.



Two Bike Stunts
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Realistic Graphics!
Experience stunning port enivronment with great bikes and realistic rider system. Play this game only on
Two Bike Stunts
- image 1062565
Cool Bikes To Unlock And Ride!
Unlock 3 locked bikes by collecting coins across the maps.
Two Bike Stunts
- image 1062566
Awesome Free Roam!
Explore 2 big port based stunt maps without any objective or missions to complete.
Two Bike Stunts
- image 1062567
Two Player Mode!
Bring your friend/colleague along and battle for who is the best stunt bike racer.
Two Bike Stunts
- image 1062568
Amazing Bike Physics!
Experience quality stunt racing with the realistic bike physics of this game.

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