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2017 Genuine Scooters Stella 125

2017 Genuine Scooters Stella 125

Genuine Scooters brings its updated “Stella” scooter to the U.S. market with a number of improvements over the previous generation. Gone is the old two-cycle engine in favor of a modern four-stroke 125 cc engine that brings more power to the table while meeting more stringent emissions standards. The old twist-grip manual shifter even gets relegated to the history books, as well, with the switch to an automatic. That classic ’70s charm remains, though, and so the Stella looks pretty much the same as ever, even if it has finally decided to join the 21st century. The Stella is built by the Lohia Machinery Limited factory in Kanpur, India. LML made its Italian connection with Piaggio back in ’86, and that experience clearly shows in the overall design. In fact, fans of the Vespa brand will recognize the Stella as being very similar to the A1, so even though the scoot is assembled in India, the design itself is truly from the Old Country.

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