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Genuine Scooters Company Venture

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2017 Genuine Scooters Venture

2017 Genuine Scooters Venture

A Big 16-Inch Wheel Gives Awesome Handling

Genuine Scooters expands its footprint with its brand-new “Venture” model. The 50 cc mill comes restricted to a 30 mph top speed with a 100-plus mpg efficiency rating. All-around disc brakes slow the abnormally large (for a scooter) 16-inch front tire and 14-inch rear. On top of all that, we have a thoroughly modern look that closely follows the classic scooter design elements while adding just the right amount of progressive body design. The Chicago-based company has publicly stated that its mission in life is to “bring a better scooter to the U.S.,” and the Venture is the latest attempt to do just that.

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