• Best Dirt Bike Tires in 2021

We give you the best dirt bike tires to buy in 2021 to hit off the grid, with confidence

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Dirt bikes are the hooligans of the motorcycling world. This bunch of motorcycles also happens to be the only set that still comes with those rad 2-stroke engines that provide insane torque and an even more insane power-to-weight ratio. These bikes are all about handling on the most unpredictable of surfaces including sand. For that, you need some serious rubber to help achieve that extra ounce of confidence while you have a blast on those loose terrains. We sort out and give you the best dirt tires to buy in 2021.

Types Of Dirt Bike Tires

Best Dirt Bike Tires in 2021
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Soft Terrain Tires: These tires are well-suited for terrain with a lot of mud and sand. These tires feature har rubber and have taller knobs that are shaped like a scope. This pattern allows the tire to ’bite’ onto the ground and provide an optimum amount of grip on soft terrains. There is a notable amount of space between those tire knobs that keep the slush from accumulating.

Intermediate Tires: These tired broaden the spectrum and can ride on surfaces that lie between the soft and hard spectrum. The tire pattern is slightly mellower as compared to soft terrain ones, as you need a bit more ruggedness and traction on intermediate surfaces. The tire compound gets harder to take on the notably denser terrains.

Hard Terrain Tires: These are the softest tires of this lot as you need the tire compound to give in, to provide for a gripper riding experience. It comes with a wider knob layout that extends close to the sidewall. This helps provide better learning traction as well. The knobs are also spaced closer for added grip.

Trails Terrain Tires: These tires are specifically designed to take on the various surprises that you stumble upon on trials. Trail terrain tires are focused on providing extreme durability and are quite knobby! These tires provide for the most widespread adaptation ranging from terrains that include deserts, to mountains, to high-speed hard terrains, and even obstacles like trees and boulders. These tires can take them all.

Hybrid Terrain Tires: These are quite the unique proposition. Hybrid terrain tires have a much mellower design with a rounded crown and clustered tread pattern. It is like a beta version of trail terrain tire and is more focused on one particular terrain of the vast variety.

Paddle Tires: These are highly specific tires that are made only for the sand. The design on one of these is very aggressive and comes with large knobs designed in a scooping manner. These are made up of extremely hard compounds and are not suitable for any other terrain.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Dirt Bike Tire

Best Dirt Bike Tires in 2021
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Size: Size is crucial when you choose a tire for your dirt bike. Make sure to check your rim size and choose one that fits well within the profile. This helps you to avoid returns and also have an optimized tire layout that will provide the best possible outcome on the terrains.

Traction: Each of these terrain-specific dirt tires come with varying tread and knob pattern to provide with the best possible traction. Some have very tall knobs to help you scoop out of sandy terrains, and then there are short well-spread-out ones to help you lean in confidently on intermediate and hard terrains with confidence. Always keep in mind the terrains that you are planning to use the dirt bike on and pick tires that provide maximum traction.

Durability: Dirt bikes take a lot of beating. There is a lot of jumping, sliding, and bashing which directly affects the tires. So, durability plays a key role in every component of a dirt bike, especially the tires. Always jot down your plan chart of the types of terrain that you would ride on, and then select a tire accordingly. Make sure to stick to the terrain that the tire is built for, otherwise, it would affect its durability, and in turn, life span.

Brand And Value: When it comes to dirt tires, the brand does make a difference. Long-time players like Pirelli, Bridgestone, and Dunlop are known to provide superior products that newcomers. And it is the same when pricing is taken into consideration as well. Expensive tires, last longer and provide insane traction and grip, depending on the terrain.

Here Are The Best Dirt Bike Tires To Buy In 2021

Pirelli Scorpion XCMH 140/80-18 Dirt Bike Rear Tire

Best Dirt Bike Tires in 2021
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Any type of tire is not complete without the presence of Pirellis. This tire manufacturer has stayed strong and wide across the years and has provided us with some of the most performance-centric tires for both motorcycles and cars. When it comes to the Pirelli Scorpion XCMH, it is one of the most revered options among motocross riders. It is designed to provide impressive traction and grip on intermediate and hard surfaces. It is made up of polyester which is durable yet lightweight. It has a precision-centric knob structure and maintains the same with varying types of terrain. Order yours today!

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    • Pricey

MICHELIN StarCross 5 Soft 120/80-19 Motocross Bias Tire

Best Dirt Bike Tires in 2021
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This is another revered tire manufacturer and brings forth the StarCross 5 specifically for soft terrains. It is specifically made up of high-density materials that help reduce weight by about 10% as opposed to other tires with the same level of performance. This helps improved acceleration, control, and braking because of lower rotational mass. It is walled with polyester plies that add to the sidewall strength and reduces the chances of having a pinch flat. The knobby design right up to the sidewall helps maintain grip even at the steepest angles. Order yours today!

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    • Restricted to soft terrains only
    • On the pricier side of dirt bike tires

Maxxis M7312 Maxxcross SI 100/90-19 Rear Tire

Best Dirt Bike Tires in 2021
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Maxxis provides a very compelling product with Maxxcross SI which broadens the spectrum to both soft and medium terrain and still costs less than the Michelin mentioned above. The traction is impressive on soft terrain and a bit toned down when it comes to medium, but never dull! The tire is made up of a softer compound than the generic standard, which makes the tire wear out notably quicker. Order yours today!

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    • Wears out fast
    • Good tire but few takers

Bridgestone Battlecross X30 120/80-19 Rear Tire

Best Dirt Bike Tires in 2021
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This is one impressive tire that wows you for the value it provides for such a cheap price point. Being a cheaply priced product doesn’t rob it of its quality. No! The Bridgestone Battlecross X30s are quite practical and are made for both soft and medium terrains. It is a symmetrical and non-directional tire that allows you to install it in any direction. This provides you with a well-balanced riding setup, commendable control, and notable handling. The tire also comes with excess spacing in the knob which provides a great grip even while cornering. Order yours today! Order yours today!

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    • Not for professional peeps out there

Bridgestone M204 90/100-16 Motocross Rear Tire

Best Dirt Bike Tires in 2021
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This tire provides focused slide control when riding on soft or medium terrain. The tread pattern is race-spec and is a top-rated option for professional riders. The M204s are durable and can take on all forces of nature with ease. It works equally well in front and rear. At the front, it adds confidence with precise handling and nimbler dynamics. When it comes to the rear, traction and grip are held in high esteem. Order yours today!

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    • Not for hard terrains
    • Limited size options

Dunlop Geomax MX33 80/100-12 Rear Tire

Best Dirt Bike Tires in 2021
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This is one tire manufacturer that never ceases to amaze us with its impressive VFM options. The Geomax MX33 is also one very compelling option when it comes to motocross tires. This one is made specifically for the sand and comes packed with paddle-style knobs that help provide notable amounts of traction even of loose soil. Stability is also impressive with this tire. It also comes with self-cleaning grooves that give it ample traction even when it comes to faintly wet soil. Order yours today!

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    • Limited to just loose surfaces, specifically sand
    • Soft compound wears out quickly, even on medium terrain

Our Pick Of This Bunch

Best Dirt Bike Tires in 2021
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Bridgestone Battlecross X30 is our choice here as it is a dirt bike tire that is reasonably priced and fares well in all 3 types of terrains. Bridgestone has also packed the X30s with some cool features including a non-directional design and sidewall fin design. Both of these help in providing added stability, traction, and keep the tire temperature under control. Cornering grip is impressive as well and these tires stick around for long as well.

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