Best Dual-Sport Motorcycle Tires In 2021

We sort out and bundle up the Top 10 best adventure motorcycle tires in 2021 to help you hit the roads less travelled with confidence

Some motorcyclists love the slick tarmac with its enticing straights and seductive curves and then some love surprises and no-roads! Both these bunches have a completely contrasting vibe factor. And then some riders love a bit of both and these are the ones who love to stay on their motorcycles for the longest. Dual-sport motorcycles are quite popular now for their versatility and sheer comfort. And tires are a key component that makes these dual-sport motorcycles so broad-minded. We bundle up the best adventure motorcycle tires you can buy in 2021 and give the key features that help it stand apart.

Perks Of Dual-Sport Motorcycle Tires

Affordable: These tires are quite affordable and at times cheaper than standard motorcycle road tires. And for the same price point, you get a wider usage spectrum and also added fuel efficiency. Morover, the chunky tread pattern and stubborn build make it durable to punctures as compared to road-only tires.

All-Rounder: Well yes. You can ride on those rocky trails and turn back onto slick tarmac without changing the tires. This is where the dual-sport tires ace and it doesn’t get more superior than this. A well-balanced layout of comfort, traction, and ruggedness makes this adventure motorcycle tires an all-rounder. It gives you the flexibility to enjoy the best of both worlds with minimal compromise.

All About The FUN: It all boils down to that grin on your face. People love motorcycles for the freedom it gives you. The power to go anywhere with just a twist and turn is what dreams are made up of. Add more versatility to this feeling with the power to go on two varying surfaces without tweaking or changing any parts, now that is FUN!

Types And Sizes Of Dual Sport Tires

Dual sport tires are differentiated based on the size and materials used to build them. There are a total of 7 types for varying degrees of on- and off-roading rideability it provides.

90/10: These tires are weighed in for those who ride mostly on tarmac and would rarely take the gravel route. These are strictly not recommended for hardcore offroading as the compound is soft and designed for comfort on the roads.

80/20 and 70/30: These two types of tires dial up the off-roading capability by a bit and can be used for weekend trail runs. Still not for hardcore off-roading, and provides a comfortable construction for the roads.

60/40: These are the tires from which the dial neutralizes out when it comes to on and off-roading capabilities. Equal representation of both ends is what you achieve with this type of tire. The off-roading capability is commendable in this but you do start to slowly sacrifice bits and pieces when it comes to on-road comfort and traction.

50/50: This is the exact half and provides the best possible split-personality for dual-sport tires. This type of tire is for those who are still confused about how much they want from their adventure motorcycle. Slap a set of these on, and then you can slowly fine-tune, as per your preference.

40/60: Now things start to weigh in more on the off-roading aspect of things. People who love to spend a tad bit more time on the trials should go for these. These tires provide added stability and traction on gravel as opposed to that on track. These tires are actually a bit uncomfortable on the roads.

30/70 and 20/80: The tables have turned deep now. These duo of tire types are for people who spend most of their time off the roads. These are for light on-roading! Yup and these are soft compound tires that wear out too soon when used on the tarmac.

10/90: This is for hardcore off-roading. Taking these tires on the roads should be for leisure purposes only! It provides the best off-roading grip, comfort, and traction. On the roads, these are pretty uncomfortable with unsteady dynamics, road noise, and lack of traction.

Things To Look Out For While Buying A Dual Sport Tire

Tread Pattern And Depth: Tread pattern determines a lot of things including traction and handling. Specific patterns are used even to slide out mud and water and provide for added wet grip. The tread depth affects a motorcycle’s grip on soft surfaces. The deeper the tread, the easier it is to tread across such surfaces which can easily get you stuck.

On- and Off-Road Ratio: The type of tire you choose should very much be in line with the on and off-road performance ratio. These tires are differentiated on types based on the performance ratio. So, choosing one depending on your daily ride routine will help extract the best possible outcome for either more off-roading, less-off-roading, or an equally balanced layout.

Price: Pricing is always a key factor as everyone has a budget to stick to. What matters is if you can get the best worth for those bucks you pay. These tires are generally priced similar to the road-only tires and so someone transitioning from road-only ones will not feel the average adventure tire to be pricey.

But dual-sport tires generally have 2 broad branches - budget and premium. Budget tires are those that come well within the $80 mark and mostly provide value. The premium ones are over the $150 mark and are solely focused on performance, no matter what.

Here Are The Top 10 Best Dual Sport Tires To Buy In 2021

Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR 170/60R-17 Tire

This a very good 50:50 tire that provides with impressive grip on and off the roads. They have good longevity and Pirelli has made these tires with a silicon-rich compound and tarmac-centric profile. The thinner profile and linear knob design help for a tire that can be used for carving corners with confidence. Off the roads, it works well in gravel and dirt. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • Quite Pricey
    • Not for hardcore off-roading

MICHELIN Anakee Adventure 150/70R-17 70V Tire

Michelin requires no introduction and has been providing impressive products for both cars and motorcycles. The Anakee Adventure tire is Michelin’s latest entrance in its dual-sport offerings and offers improved balance on and off the roads than its predecessors. Michelin uses cooler technologies with dual-compound technology to provide improved road stability. Its efficiency has also been improved and is leaned for more on-road fun with subtle off-roading madness. Its clear design provides for impressive control on both surfaces and also lasts longer. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • Pricey

DUNLOP Trailmax Mission 150/70B-18 Tire

This is the newest addition to Dunlop’s adventure offering and is arguably one of the well-rounded options out there. The Trailmax Mission is a 50:50 tire that provides with impressive grip on the tarmac as well as off-road. This is made stubborn to last quite long and can go well beyond 8.000 miles for the rear tire. The curved tread blocks provide for added traction and puncture resistance while off-roading. The deeply cut tread pattern providing for an equally enticing on-road performance as well. Order yours today!

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    • Struggles in sand and snow
    • On the pricey side

Heidenau K60 Scout 150/70-17 Tire

This 150 section tire is tuned to show commendable performance on and off the roads. This is a tire that has an equally divided vigor on both types of surfaces. The design is quite subtle as compared to other dual-purpose tires, but there is more to it than looks. It comes with a T classification for speed up to 118 mph, and so performs quite well on the roads. But don’t take it for extreme off-roading scenarios, as these tires give in easily. But subtle trail runs are well-taken-care-of and these tires provide impressive grip on gravel. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • Traction is focused in the center, so not a lean friendly option
    • The construction is hard and thick, quite difficult while slapping it on a rim

Mitas E-07 PLUS + 150/70-18 70T TL Tire

The Mitas E-07 + has the commendable weight-taking capacity and is a bumped-up version of the very capable Mitas E-07. The ’Plus’ here indicates added pneumatic performance to be used in heavier adventure motorcycles. It has a load index of 69.0 and an aspect ratio of 70. It continues to be as versatile and enduring as the E07 but adds more load carrying capacity to take on the heavier dudes. The breathable tire pattern and know depth allow for easy removal of dirt and water. Its slight tweak in thread pattern has improved both, on and off-road performance. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • Not an impeccable performer for the extremities

Metzeler Tourance 150/70R17 Tire

This tire is leaned towards the tarmac as its wider section provides for added traction. Metzeler is well known for its soft compound tires and has used a lot of clever technology to build an interactive set of dual-sport tires. It is a 2-layer setup that uses a 4-ply carcass and 0-degree steel belt to provide for a rugged yet durable and communicative set of tires. The tire compound is of middle-ground and offers a balanced life, both on and off the roads. Its rolling construction helps in eliminating rolling noise on the roads. Order yours today!

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    • The performance is decent in both riding conditions; nothing wow

Continental Twinduro TKC80-Dual Sport 130/80-17 Tire

This is one of the most famous adventure tires in the market right now. It is a 60:40 tire that is quite famed for TKC’s block-pattern knobs which provide impressive off-roading performance while not forgetting on-road character. The tire is designed to provide a linear performance graph on all types of surfaces. It does quite well even in slushy trails, thanks to its widely spaced knobs. The soft compound helps you to have a comfortable on-road experience as well. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • Wears out too soon
    • Noticable road noise

KENDA Big Block K784 Dual Sport 150/70-17 Tire

The Kenda Big Block despite its name provides for commendable performance on the road as well. It is known for a seamless transition from tarmac to gravel. This is a 60:40 tire that bridges the terrain gap much closer to what an adventure motorcyclist wants. It is a tubless unit that has impressive puncture resistance. It also provides confidence-inspiring handling and has ample traction on the road as well. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • Wears out quicker
    • Not for hardcore off-roaders
    • Not for surfaces high on water and mud

DUNLOP D606 120/90-18 Tire

This tire has been catered for hardcore off-roading but at a much accessible price point. The chunky tread pattern gives you the confidence to tread over rocks with ease. It features wider and more stable central blocks with better diversion of water and mud, which allows it to provide decent performance on slushy surfaces as well. It is DOT approved and has a much stiffer center part that reduces the wear rate. On the road, its unique multi-thread construction helps in providing ample traction and control as well. Order yours today!

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    • Not for heavy-weight dual sport motorcycles
    • Tire compound is on the softer side, so can wear out quicker on the road

Shinko E-805 Big Block 130/80-17 Tire

This is a big block unit that with its Big-Block technology provides a Load Index Rating of 65.0 and a Tire Aspect ratio of 80.0. Despite the ’off-road’ only looking chunky tread pattern, the Shinko E-805 Big Block is a well-balanced setup for on- and off-road. It is DOT approved and is also mud and snow rated. The even layout out tread pattern provides for good grip and traction off-road, as well as, confidence while taking those curves, thanks to its rigid side-walls. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • Softer compound makes it wear sooner; from about 7,000 miles

Our Pick Of This Bunch

Dual-sport clearly has a knack for equality and that’s the sweet spot where you enjoy the best of both worlds. So, our choice here is the Metzeler Tourance 150/70R17 tire that is a 50/50 tire are put forth a performance to enjoy the best of both worlds. The mellow tread pattern helps in commendable on-road grip and can also take on a beating off the road.

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