• Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets For Summer In 2021

We give you the best mesh motorcycle jackets that you can buy to ride comfortably in summer

Summers are quite hectic when it comes to riding motorcycles. Long saddle times under the hot sun and humid weather are sure to make you lethargic. Using chunky body gear during these times only accelerated the tiring process. But that’s when mesh jackets come into play. These are breathable protective motorcycle jackets that are made with a fusion of poly and mesh materials to provide you with comfort and ample breathability. And, we help you choose the best motorcycle mesh jacket that is available for 2021.

Why Should You Go For A Mesh Motorcycle Jacket?

Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets For Summer In 2021
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The main factor is its comfort which is well put out without compromising on safety. The mesh material helps make the jacket breathable which is very much needed for a hot humid ride. Made specifically for hot climates, mesh motorcycle jackets provide for a ventilated riding experience which in the long run helps keen fatigue at an arm’s length.

No compromise in safety and protection is what keeps these jackets well within the radar of the fully-fledged riding jackets. Mesh jackets come with dedicated pockets that are layered with CE-certified armor that can be upgraded or replaced over time. These armors are located at the shoulders, elbows, back, and chest.

Mesh motorcycle jackets are quite affordable for what it offers. The main factor here is comfort and safety which has found a fine balance. These stay in the vicinity of the top-of-the-line leather jackets, minus the price.

Things To Consider While Buying A Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets For Summer In 2021
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Fit And Comfort: Comfort is the prime reason for these jackets to primarily exist. Make sure to check for the correct size before buying your next motorcycle mesh jacket. Keep an eye out for the arm length and fitment as it tends to be off even when your torso is snugly fit. The use of soft-touch materials is a boon that helps improve comfort without compromising on ruggedness and durability.

Safety And Protection: Safety is paramount in a motorcycle jacket. Even though mesh jackets look flimsy, safety and protection are never dulled down. It comes with armors approved by CE in prime locations like the chest, backbone, elbows, and shoulders. Some even come with additional padding for sensitive areas as well.

Weather-Tackling Capability: A mesh motorcycle jacket is primarily designed for hot dry weather conditions. But the majority of these jackets also come with a waterproof undercoat which helps you tackle wet weather conditions as well. But don’t use it for winters as that will be a whole different freeze!

Brand And Price: Brand comes into play when you look at the expertise. The older and more pronounced a brand, the more experienced would be their products. This is mostly the case and manufacturers like Alpinestars lead this example. But nowadays, newer and more advanced technological innovations are helping newcomers to put up a fight as well. This is where pricing comes into play. Normally, mesh jackets are priced reasonably low which helps you choose from a wider variety.

Here Are The Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets You Can Buy For This Summer

Joe Rocket Cleo 2.2 Women’s Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket

Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets For Summer In 2021
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Let’s start with the one for the ladies out there. There aren’t many women-only jackets but the ones like Joe Rocket Cleo 2.2 stand out quite notably. It has been designed with comfort in mind and comes with FreeAir mesh for the back and torso. The aesthetic appeal is quite plush with this one and you stay equally protected. You can also opt for an optional spine protector for added safety. It comes with a 9-point adjustment system to fit your body perfectly. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • Narrow hand layer makes it hard to move around
    • On the pricey side of mesh jackets

Alpinestars Men’s T-Faster Air Motorcycle Jacket

Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets For Summer In 2021
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Alpinestars is well-known among motorcyclists for the wide variety of safety gear it offers which is not only high on safety but also comfort and styling. This minimal and sleek mesh jacket from Alpinestars comes with mesh panels on the back, chest, and sleeves for added cooling and air circulation. The internal lining of its border points like sleeves and collar are made of microfiber material for added comfort. It also comes with a Level 1 CE-certified bio armor for the shoulder and elbow. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • Quite the dull looker with just one color option
    • Tiny zipper doesn’t work so well with gloves

Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Men’s Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket

Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets For Summer In 2021
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Joe Rocket makes quite the impressive riding jackets as we already stumbled upon its very well-stacked women’s jacket earlier. This one is for men and can be had in a wide variety of 9 color options. This urban-rich motorcycle jacket is made by fusing polymer and mesh fabrics. It comes with think padding for shoulders, ribs, and elbows. Apart from that, the shoulder and elbow protection is CE-approved. It comes with a waterproof liner that can be removed and features a 6-point SureFit adjustment system. Ventilation is ample in this and you also get a reflective strip for visibility in the dark. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • Zipper is mediocre in quality
    • The armor layout is finicky and doesn’t stay put
    • Storage pockets on the inside are tiny

Pro Leather & Mesh Motorcycle Waterproof Jacket

Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets For Summer In 2021
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This mesh leather adds a styling cue to this bunch of performance-focused options. It is made up of breathable and abrasion-resistant poly leather and mesh. It comes with SureFit customization that allows you to use the adjustment points for the perfect fit. It has armors on elbows and shoulders. Apart from the fixed pieces, the Pro leather and mesh waterproof motorcycle jacket also come with 5 removable internal pieces of armor. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • The zipper is of dull quality and doesn’t go well with the plush leather jacket
    • The liner tends to give up easily and shows its poor quality

Xelement CF-6019-66 ’Invasion’ Neon Green Textile Armored Motorcycle Jacket

Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets For Summer In 2021
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The highlight of this mesh motorcycle jacket is its bold bright color. This neon green jacket is durable and made of abrasion-resistant mesh and poly material. It is durable and is perfect for those humid summer days. The styling is notable and comes with removable foam CE-approved armor for a lightweight yet comfortable protective layer. It comes with adjustable straps all-around to help you get the perfect snug fit. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • Mesh layout is not as widespread and this will have restricted airflow
    • The bold and bright neon green color is not everyone’s cup of tea

HWK Adventure/Touring Motorcycle Jacket

Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets For Summer In 2021
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The value for money is high with this one. The HWK adventure touring motorcycle jacket is quite the durable and impressively cheap option out there. It is made up of premium 600D Cordura that is abrasion-resistant with a stubborn nature towards the forces of nature. This makes it a perfect armor to be worn on those trail runs. The construction is such that this jacket will make your body warm in winters and let air pass through and keep things cool in summers. It is offered in 3 vibrant color options which adds color to the line-up. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • Poor stitching quality
    • Armor struggles in sturdiness when compared to others in this lot

Our Pick Of This Bunch

Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets For Summer In 2021
- image 981802

Being a very well-revered name in the motorcycling community, Alpinestars has provided us with an impressive proposition with the T-Faster Air Motorcycle Jacket. It manages to put forth a balanced layout of comfort and protection with a pinch of modern styling. The material used in this jacket is of impressive quality and is stretchable for added comfort. The CE-certified armors used in it are sturdy and do the work quite well. This is one mesh jacket that will never go out of fashion or function.

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