• Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes In 2021

We sort out the best chain lubes to buy in 2021 and give you the pros and cons of these products.

Motorcycle chains are one of the most worn parts of a motorcycle. It requires frequent care to keep the bike performing in its optimum condition. So, investing in good chain lubrication is a wise move that will not only help maximize the chain life but also provide a more efficient and smoother riding experience. We sort out and give you the best motorcycle chain lubes you can buy in 2021.

Why Do We Need A Motorcycle Chain Lube?

Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes In 2021
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A chain lube helps keep your chain drive healthy and provides for an efficient riding experience.

The most common chain issue is that it dries up which will cause it to wear off quicker due to friction. A chain lube helps irradicate this and gives the chain and sprocket an added lease of life.

Chain lubes are oil-based products that act as a natural repellent to water. This helps avoid rust and premature chain wear.

As the chain is now a lot smoother to roll around, it helps in making the bike react quicker to throttle twists, even the sudden ones. So it does get a minor bump in performance.

Safety is a very crucial aspect when it comes to mobility. A chain lube can in turn give you confidence by helping maintain the chain sprocket and keeping it healthy, thus avoiding mishaps.

Should You Go For A Chain Lubricant Or Chain Wax?

Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes In 2021
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Chain wax does all of the duties done by a chain lube but takes much longer in doing so. When applied well waxes tend to stay longer as well. But we would suggest you go for a chain lube for its easy-usability. We generally use chain lubes before taking the bike out, and giving it a good old spray is the easiest way possible. Pre-planned rides can benefit from chain waxes, but that doesn’t come often, does it? Morover, newer chain lubricants are offered with wax-properties, thus making chain waxes obsolete.

What Are The Types Of Motorcycle Chain Lubes?

Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes In 2021
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The main purpose of a motorcycle chain lube is to provide lubrication for the smooth movement of the chain and sprocket. These lubricants are divided into 4 major categories - Spray, Paste, Wet (liquid), and Dry.

Spray lubes are the most commonly used because of their sheer ease of usability. Just give a thorough shake and spray it, and you are good to go.

Paste lubes look like thick grease when applied. It doesn’t drip out and this wastage is minimal. But applying this takes time as you need to brush it onto the chain.

Liquid lubes are the messiest of this bunch if not done properly. There are no drying agents in these lubes because of which on over-application, it sprays all over the place when in motion (not a good day to wear lighter pants!). But this is actually the oldest type of lubes used in all types of moving gears.

Dry lubes are basically sprayable ones but have a drying agent in them. Wax type and semi-drying lube come into this category. This lube dries into a non-stick coating that repels foreign objects. These provide for a longer chain life and keep the o-rings clean.

Here Are The Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes To Buy In 2021

Maxima 70-749203-3PK

Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes In 2021
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Maxima didn’t just confine its bundle to just lubricating the chain, but also thoroughly cleaning it before that. In fact, this is the only product that comes in a pack of 3. The Maxima bundle consists of a chain cleaner, Multi-purpose penetrant lube, and chain wax. This bundle also allows you to avoid a bike wash just to lube the chain if there are dirt and debris present already. A smart and time-saving bundle. Order yours from Amazon today!

  • Leave it
    • - Extremely reactive with paint; so better keep it away from the bike body
    • - Extremely flammable

Motorex Road Chain Lube

Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes In 2021
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This is yet another lubricant that also induces wax properties. Motorex road chain lube is quite common and its key feature is excellent adhesion that provides for a waterproof and spill-proof formula. It can easily penetrate through all types of rings and has a clever white fade to it that can help you identify areas that have not been lubricated. It sticks almost instantly to the chain and is a worthy companion when taking long rides. Check it out on Amazon today!

  • Leave it
    • - Flammable
    • - On the pricy side

PJ1 Blue Label Chain Lube

Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes In 2021
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An inexpensive chain lube that gets the work done with ease. PJ1 Blue Label chain lube is based on a petroleum formula (molybdenum disulfide) and is specifically designed for O-ring chains. With an ever-so-easy application, there is no planning required before applying this. and penetrates quite easily all the way. It provides a consistent lube that helps eradicate all types of friction from dryness. A water-repelling character also helps this lube be a savior from rust as well. It also possesses an anti-sling formula that keeps the lube adhered to the chain surface, rather than splashing all around. You can order your supply today!

  • Leave it
    • - Restricted to only O-rings
    • - Dispenses too much lube because of the its applicator nature

Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lubricant

Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes In 2021
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This is the jack of all trades when it comes to chain lubes. Bel-Ray has been a very old contributor when it comes to motorcycle and car care with gear lubrication and cleaners. The super clean chain lubricant can be used on any and every motorcycle with O, X, and Z ring types. This comes as a savior for off-roaders who tend to be the most affected from dirt, grime, and moisture on the chain. It also provides a fine outer protective coating upon application which repels dirt, sand, and dust. It also has a thickened consistency and stays glued to the chain and sprocket with no fling at all. Find it on Amazon now!

  • Leave it
    • - Highly flammable
    • - The white after-layer might not be of everyone’s taste

Lucas Oil 10393

Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes In 2021
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Lucas Oil is rather dramatic in its appearance when applied as it froths up. The foam is part of its penetrative formula which helps it descend deep into the grooves of the chain. Applying it is simple and Lucas also possesses water-repelling properties which help it avoid rust and corrosion. It also provides a protective layer upon settling and also provides a form of cushion that minimizes friction, thus increasing chain life. The foaming-property makes it compatible for all chain types but is weighed in more towards O-rings. Find it on Amazon now!

  • Leave it
    • - More specifically inclined for O-rings; not as effective with the other types
    • - Flammable

Motul Chain Paste

Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes In 2021
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Something that isn’t a spray, the Motul Chain paste has a proven race-grade formula and performance. Motul is a very experienced name when it comes to automobiles with oils and lubes. This lube uses a thick paste that needs to be applied with a brush onto the chain surface. It is time taking but the results are well worth it. This product might seem like a lot of work, but once you get the hang of it, then there is no going back to ’spraying’. Find it on Amazon now!

  • Leave it
    • - Time consuming process of applying it
    • - Doesn’t penetrate evenly
    • - Not for all chain types

DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver Chain Lube

Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes In 2021
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This is yet another wax-based chain lube and is created for O-ring chains. DuPont commits that their Teflon chain saver can extend the life of the chain and sprocket up to 5 times. It is made of molybdenum and Teflon for added wear protection. No flinging here and its water and dust repelling properties make it perfect for humid environments. It completely dries off and forms a fluoropolymer wax film that has a slight shine. Find it on Amazon right now!

  • Leave it
    • - Highly flammable
    • - Requires frequent application

Finish Line Dry

Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes In 2021
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This is a dry chain lube that has the advantage of being available in all shapes and sizes. It can range from a tiny squeezable 0.2 Oz. packs to 0.25-gallon packs for all your needs. The application is simple and the lube dries up creating a protective film that helps repel dirt and water. This lube is perfect for riders on sunny days with a lot of dust to tackle. It also packs Teflon fluoropolymer that reduces friction. Find it on Amazon now

  • Leave it
    • - Attracts a bit more dust that you are comfortable with
    • - Doesn’t last long
    • - Sqeezable bottles are not for everyone

Which Motorcycle Chain Lube Should You Go For?

Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes In 2021
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We and impressed with the Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain lubricant with all the features it manages to compile. It is also compatible with all the chain types - O, X, and Z which in itself makes it an all-rounder. The protective white layer might not be aesthetically pleasing for everyone but functions impressively with anti-fling, anti-corrosive, anti-rusting, and anti-friction properties. All of this in a single quick sprayable bottle makes it our choice of bundle.

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