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The best motorcycle gloves to buy in 2021 and have a comfortable and protected riding experience

Safety is paramount when it comes to driving or riding. The risks are notably multiplied when you jump out of a car and onto a motorcycle. So, choosing the best bits to protect you on those rides is very important. Riding gloves are one of those major protective elements that you need on a bike. The hand is made up of a complex skeletal structure that takes time and requires intricate operations to be bettered. So prevention is much better than cure here. So, we sort out and give you the best motorcycles gloves to buy now that are not only inclined towards safety but also provide a certain degree of comfort as well.

Types Of Motorcycle Gloves

Best Motorcycle Gloves 2021
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Summer Gloves: These gloves are specifically made for humid climates and provides breathable construction to keep your hands airy and sweat-free. It takes away the uneasiness that comes with sweat without compromising on protection. The breathable function is achieved by using mesh materials that are quite durable.

Winter Gloves: These gloves are the exact opposite of summer gloves when it comes to breathability. You don’t want chilly air to pass right through the gloves and shiver you to the core! These gloves come with multi-layers and are heavily padded to protect against crashes as well as cold. For unbearable cold conditions, you also get heated gloves that serve the purpose.

Racing Gloves: These are hard-core purpose-built gloves that give little attention to the comfort front. These are made with high-end materials that are extremely durable and have an R&D’ed design with hardened knuckles and extra padding at precise locations to avoid damage to hands in case of a crash.

Fingerless Gloves: These gloves are toned down on the protection front and focus on mostly safe-keeping the wrist. These are mostly confined to a best-use scenario in urban conditions that don’t require a lot of high-speed runs. These gloves add more weightage to style and compromise safety.

Off-Road Gloves: These are quite durable and breathable gloves that are made to take on a lot of dirt. Off-road gloves can take a lot of beating and its made up of grippy materials that help in providing the rider with ample grip even in the challenging of terrains.

How To Choose A Good Set Of Motorcycle Gloves?

Best Motorcycle Gloves 2021
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Type Of Motorcycle You Ride: Your choice of gloves should be synonymous with the type of motorcycle you own or ride. Sportsbikes need racing gloves, cruisers and tourers are better off with either summer or winter gloves based on the location. And so, always choose gloves that go along with the type of motorcycle and riding that you do.

SIze And Snug Fitment: Getting the perfect fit is crucial as motorcycle gloves are made to protect your hand. Certain hardened elements on the gloves are positioned exactly at pressure points and so a loosely fit glove will do more harm than good.

Weather Conditions: As we mentioned earlier about the type of gloves offered, make sure to choose one based on the weather conditions at your place. Getting a summer glove in countries that rarely get warmth is a waste of money and so, always go for one that suits the weather.

Our Pick Of The Lot

Best Motorcycle Gloves 2021
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We are very much inclined towards the Alpinestars Men’s SP-8 V2 leather gloves that are quite well-specced for under $100. It comes with durable natural and artificial leather construction and is quite breathable despite looking so chunky. Grip levels are impressive and come with EVA foam pads for protection. With all these years of experience, Alpinestars have delivered a very commendable product with these riding gloves. It might not have heated functionality, but can take in a bit of the cold with its all-leather construction.

Here Are The Best Motorcycle Gloves To Buy In 2021

Joe Rocket Men’s Rocket Burner Gloves ($154)

Best Motorcycle Gloves 2021
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Joe Rocket makes some of the most well-specced and rugged gloves out there. These are heated gloves that help you enjoy those rides, irrespective of the weather conditions. It comes equipped with a stainless core heating system and keeps your palm warm. The heating is 3-stage and can keep your hands warm for up to 4 hours on a full charge. These come with two individual Li-Ion battery packs that can be charged using 2 in-box plugs. It is made out of heavy-duty nylon construction on the outside for added durability. Order your new gloves today!

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    • The soft material used on the palm is prone to peeling off
    • Batteries are located below the wrist and restricts movement

ScorpionEXO SGS MK II Gloves ($85)

Best Motorcycle Gloves 2021
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These are quite flexible summer gloves that are made with high-quality goat leather and also lined with carbon fiber reinforced TPU knuckle protection and Knox SPS palm sliders. All of these elements make the ScorpionEXO SGS MK 2 gloves quite durable and abrasion-resistant. Fastening them on is quite easy as it comes with a Velcro closure system. These are quite comfortable in summer as it comes with decent ventilation. It gets tiny pores on the leather that provides greater airflow. Order your new gloves today!

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    • Doesn’t take on harsh sunlight well; leather can dry up and crack

Winna Heated Gloves ($80)

Best Motorcycle Gloves 2021
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These are yet another set of heated gloves recommended for winter usage. These come in quite cheap as compared to the Joe Rockets mentioned in this list. It gets a ’fast heat’ technology that allows the gloves to get warm in just 5 seconds. This instant warmth is backed by two 2200 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable batteries that can be fully charged in just 3 hours. It also comes with an intelligent temperature control system that automatically changes the heat level based on the outside temperature. You get an intuitive LED display that shows the temperature and can be changed with a control button at the glove base. Order your new gloves today!

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    • Finicky when it comes to reliability of the batteries

Alpinestars Men’s SP-8 v2 Leather Motorcycle Gloves ($80)

Best Motorcycle Gloves 2021
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Alpinestars is a well-revered name in the motorcycling community. They make some very fine protective gear for motorcyclists around the world. And it will come as no surprise, that the SP-89 v2 leather gloves are quite versatile and some of the most well-rounded options out there. For under $100, these gloves are quite the value proposition. These gloves are made with full-grain goat leather reinforced with synthetic leather to add durability and abrasion resistance. Synthetic leather is a substitute for protective padding across specific points as well. Order your new gloves today!

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    • Not waterproof
    • Protective synthetic leather peels off

Fox Racing Men’s Bomber Racing Gloves ($60 - $70)

Best Motorcycle Gloves 2021
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These are quite sturdy off-roading gloves that provide impressive durability and protection for the fingers; something that is not quite common among off-road gloves. The base is made from leather that provides ample airflow as well. The protective padding is made of molded plastic on the knuckle and finger areas and is abrasion-resistant. It also comes with a double-layer Clarino palm that protects your palm and also offers a perfect fit for grip. Protection is well thought of and it comes with a long neoprene cuff with a hook-and-loop wrist closure that keeps your wrists safe during crashes. Order your new gloves today!

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    • Limited durability

Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex Bike Gloves ($20)

Best Motorcycle Gloves 2021
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These are casual rubber gloves that are quite questionable to look at in terms of protection but surprises you with clever use of innovative materials and ample protection. These are layered with directly injected rubber graphics and adds to its cool look. It also adds up to impact protection. The base is made using Lycra which is lightly padded all across. These are focused on off-roading and so comes with silicone grippers on fingers to provide more grip and avoid slippage and skidding. And to top it all, these are dirt cheap. Order your new gloves today!

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    • Fasteners are placed awkwardly
    • Not smartphone friendly
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