• Best Motorcycle Speakers In 2021

Motorcycle speakers are a cool additon to enjoy those long rides without being distracted. We bundle up the Top 10 motorcycle speakers to buy in 2021

Motorcycle speakers might feel like an impractical approach but it is actually a necessity. It makes life on the tarmac a lot easier. The most important advantage of using motorcycle speakers is having no distractions. And with the usage of in-helmet speakers, you can even take calls with ease.

Motorcycle speakers are already offered in top-of-the-line country cruisers including the likes of Honda Goldwing, and a plethora of Harley-Davidson’ including the Street Glide, Ultra Limited Low, Tri-Glide, and all CVO models. But we are sorting together a set of aftermarket motorcycle speakers that will allow you to fit them on a motorcycle, that doesn’t come with one as well.

What Are The Types Of Motorcycle Speakers?

Best Motorcycle Speakers In 2021
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There are 2 major types of motorcycle speakers and are quite the opposite in terms of experience and features.

Handle-bar mounted or cowling fitted speakers are the more common ones primarily because consumers in the big bulky cruiser demography are the ones who vouch for external systems like these. The cowling ones are limited as not all motorcycles can take them, but handle-bar ones are not restricted. Apart from being loud and attention-seeking on the roads, it also adds a bit of character to your motorcycle with its design statement. These are not the mellow type!

The other section comprises in-helmet speakers. these are a tiny bundle of wonder that can help you get away with the hassle of taking your phone out all the time. The restricted space and fairly powerful specs give these tiny speakers added boom which cannot be matched by the external speakers. These are very helpful when it comes to communication as well.

Is It Safe To Use Speakers On A Motorcycle?

Best Motorcycle Speakers In 2021
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Yes, motorcycle speakers actually keep you safer as opposed to non-equipped ones. These help you enjoy those rides hands-free and without losing out on those tunes of communication. Your eyes stay on the road while those ears enjoy the tunes. You stay vigilant of the surroundings without compromise of entertainment.

What Are The Advantages Of Motorcycle Speakers?

Best Motorcycle Speakers In 2021
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You are in for a groovy treat with the installation of motorcycle speakers. Many are in the misconception that with all the wind gushing on you, those external speakers are pointless, but that’s not the case. Yes, you will get a bit of distortion but the sound will be clear and crisp. It provides for an entertaining experience that you would fall in love with. Enjoying those long rides with some tunes is as surreal as it gets.

Looks are amplified as none of those motorcycle speakers out there look dull. There are specific cylindrical speakers that go right onto the steering damper or cross-member for a neat look. The egg-shaped ones aren’t bad lookers as well. These speakers add character along with sound.

Safety is a highlight here as these speakers allow you to keep your eyes on the roads at all times and the likes of helmet speakers allow you to even attend calls on the go.

This one is subjective but it actually can help in pumping up your motorcycle’s resale value. Consumers are always on the lookout for unique features to help them stand apart, and if you manage to find someone who loves those speakers, you are in for some extra bucks.

Here Are Our Top 10 Best Motorcycle Speakers To Buy In 2021

CARDO DMC/Bluetooth Packtalk

Best Motorcycle Speakers In 2021
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Starting with a helmet audio unit, you will love Cardo for the impressive sound quality when it comes to music. Thanks to the JBL-partnered speaker set, music and communication are top-notch with this one. Its latency-free Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) makes communicating with fellow motorcyclists a breeze.

Best Motorcycle Speakers In 2021
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It also comes with voice-control that eliminates all the hassle involved in using it on the go. It also gets an in-built FM radio unit and has a speed-sensitive volume for an uninterrupted experience. It can go on for up to 13 hours on a single charge. Although on the pricy side, the uses it puts forth make it well worth the bucks. Get yours on Amazon today!

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    • Cannot be used with half-helments
    • Pricey

Kuryakyn 2720

Best Motorcycle Speakers In 2021
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This is a soundbar for your motorcycle and has been designed specifically to be positioned on the handlebar. It is a Bluetooth-enabled speaker that with its unique design allows for distortion-free audio on the go. Aesthetically, it goes on well and adds character to your machine. It comes with a 4-channel amplifier and it powered 2/3 -inch, full-range speakers. It also comes with 1-inch silk dome tweeters for better vocal amplification. Get yours on Amazon today!

  • Leave it
    • On the pricey side
    • Chunky handlebar layout might not be of everyone’s taste

Kuryakyn 2713

Best Motorcycle Speakers In 2021
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These are a much simpler duo of speakers from Kuryakyn which are elegant-looking and the black truly adds up to its aesthetic appeal. These stereo speakers are easy to install and comes coupled with the required wiring, clamps, and a control panel. These are not so versatile as it doesn’t get voice-command support and the only commanding mode is via the buttons on the control module. Bluetooth connectivity is seamless and its aerodynamic design helps minimize air drag, thus, causing less distortion of audio. Get yours on Amazon today!

  • Leave it
    • No voice-control
    • Clumsy interaction using the control panel


Best Motorcycle Speakers In 2021
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The Lexin LX-S3 are cool-looking bullet-shaped stereo speakers that are bold with chrome. If you love chrome, then these speakers will clearly amplify up your cruiser’s appeal. These speakers produce 50W of max. the output which is impressive coming from such tiny elements. There isn’t any voice control module for this, but it does possess some cool features. It comes with a USB cable that allows you to charge your devices on the go, effectively also working as a charging port. The port also acts as a connectivity mode if you feel that Bluetooth steals away the quality of those songs. Get yours on Amazon today!

  • Leave it
    • Chrome can be a big NO-NO for some
    • Not usable at high speeds due to limited loudness
    • Doesn’t come with the fitment tools

BOSS Audio Systems MC470B

Best Motorcycle Speakers In 2021
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Why settle for 2 when you can get 4! The BOSS Audio Systems MC470B is a 4-speaker set with an impressive 1000W output. Those are eye-popping for bike speakers. It comes coupled with an amplified and is also offered in a non-Bluetooth variant. But the Bluetooth-variant that we have here is the wiser one to go for as it adds up to flexibility on the go. A wired volume toggle comes in the box and can help you dial up those tunes on the go. The audio output is loud but is more on the treble side of things and bass-lovers will find it a bit disheartening. Get yours on Amazon today!

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    • No voice-control module
    • Bluetooth range is mediocre

GoHawk TN4-Q

Best Motorcycle Speakers In 2021
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GoHawk is a well-revered name in the audio-business and the TNQ-4 is a set of 1000W 4-set speakers. These are all-black and are life-savers for people who don’t like bling. These speakers come with a stereo unit that is constructed with aluminum. Charging is via a USB port and on-board FM radio has good reception. Apart from Bluetooth and a USB port, these speakers can also be connected using a 3.5mm audio jack for AUX-IN. This is the best audio-reproduction route and you will be pleased with its audio output. Get yours on Amazon today!

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    • The aluminum amplifier unit is not waterproof
    • No audio control support

Pyle PLMCA90

Best Motorcycle Speakers In 2021
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These are decent speakers but adds more value because of the pack of 4. These are premium-built 3-inch speakers built out of aluminum. Each of these has an output of 300W, adding up to an effective 1200W output. These are weatherproof units and can be used care-free on open roads. The all-metal construction adds for a more stern positioning on the handlebar and rear grab-rail (if you decide to clamp 2 of these there). Sound quality is on the crisper side because of which there has been a compromise in loudness. It comes equipped with USB ports that can work as charging ports and for audio connectivity. Get yours on Amazon today!

  • Leave it
    • Doesn’t come with voice commands
    • Chrome look is not everyone’s cup of tea
    • On the pricey side

BOSS Audio Systems MCBK420B

Best Motorcycle Speakers In 2021
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These are similar to the BOSS MC470B but comes in black and a pack of 2. These speakers are quite powerful for the size and come in varying color combinations for added style statements. These are also offered with and without Bluetooth connectivity but Bluetooth ones are the way to go. These are weatherproof but to be on the safer side of things, we would protect the power switch and its amplifier. With a max. the output of 600W and 4 Ohm resistance, the audio output is quite impressive. There is no bleeding and the amp. does a commendable job of differentiating vocals from bass, and is clearly visible even in high-speed runs. Get yours on Amazon today!

  • Leave it
    • Bluetooth connection can be finiky at times
    • Design is not aerodynamic and can cause audio distortions at high speeds
    • Shorter cable length restricts amplifier positioning

GoHawk TN4-R

Best Motorcycle Speakers In 2021
- image 978317

GoHawk hits again. This time it’s a set of 2 which impresses us with the quality from such small form factors. The TN4-R comes with an in-built FM radio and is coupled to 4-inch speakers. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 for clearer and disruption-free audio playback It comes with a wired remote that gives you all the basic controls at the fingertips. Get yours on Amazon today!

  • Leave it
    • No voice command module
    • Amplifier unit is not waterproof

GoHawk RD8 Gen.2

Best Motorcycle Speakers In 2021
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Here is another of those plush handlebar speakers, but this time with a dash of chrome. The GoHawk RD8 Gen.2 is a budget-friendly iteration of the premium form-factor. It is waterproof and comes with an audio jack for crystal clear audio. It comes with a digital clock display which is underlined with the major function buttons for audio and modes. Bluetooth connectivity is decent and the audio is pretty decent coming from such a form factor. Get yours on Amazon today!

  • Leave it
    • Heavy rains can be an issue for audio quality
    • Build quality is questionable
    • No USB charging

Our Pick Of This Bunch

Best Motorcycle Speakers In 2021
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Both helmet and handle-bar speakers have their perks and it solely depends on your riding scenario to choose the right one. We will point out one from each type so that you get to choose between the better of both types.

As there is just one helmet speaker that has made it to this list, the CARDO DMC/Bluetooth Packtalk is an impressive tiny piece of hardware that can make riding a lot more interactive and easier. Its JBL speakers provide for impressive audio output and the in-helmet positioning also helps you to stay carefree in terms of audio distortion and weather conditions.

And among the external handle-bar mounted speakers, it is the Kuryakyn 2720 that we pick of this bunch. Its design is what has won us over with the plush form factor that goes well with handle-bars of varying sizes. The focused audio output and flexible connectivity options make this an easy buy. And if aesthetics are something that you are keen on, and would love a splash of chrome then going for the GoHawk RD8 Gen.2 won’t hurt at all.

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