• Everything You Need To Know About The Benzina Zero

Brave new electric scooter startup from Australia

The rise of the electric motorcycle has brought all sorts of startup manufacturers out of the woodwork: manufacturers with no legacy to stifle innovative design and who can produce motorcycles for specific purposes without compromise. The new Benzina Zero is one such electric scooter, and here’s everything we know about this brand-new Australian startup:

There Are Five Models

Everything You Need To Know About The Benzina Zero
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There are a total of five models in the Benzina Zero range: the Duo and Duo+, which are the funky ‘crossover’ models, the lightweight City, the Sport, and the leaning three-wheeled Cargo which is, as the name suggests, the utilitarian model designed for heavier delivery solutions.

They Have Different Top Speeds and Ranges

Everything You Need To Know About The Benzina Zero
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The Duo has a top speed of 27mph and a range of 65 miles. The Duo+ will top 40mph and has a 60 mile range. The City will get to 27mph and has a range of 50 miles. The Sport has a top speed of 50mph and a range of 80 miles while the Cargo not only has a roof and a reverse gear but will top 40mph and has a range of 50 miles.

You Can Charge Them Anywhere

Everything You Need To Know About The Benzina Zero
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All models can be charged either by plugging them into a standard wall socket or removing the battery to charge in the office or your home, if you can’t park the bike near a wall socket.

The Duo and Duo+ Are The Funky Ones

Everything You Need To Know About The Benzina Zero
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Look at the Duo and Duo+ (the really funky-looking ones) and the design incorporates a number of transport solutions, with a wide variety of accessories available to configure the carrying ability: front and rear carry racks, baskets, top boxes, panniers, pillion pads, even hangers to mount your surfboard.

They are 100-percent Recyclable

Everything You Need To Know About The Benzina Zero
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Just as hot a topic as pollution, range, and speed is recycling. Ben Silver, co-founder of Benzina Zero said: “We know that an EV has a lifespan about three times that of a petrol equivalent, so we can already ensure the bike will last longer,” said Ben. “But we want to be able to close the loop on our product, so that when it gets to the end of its life, we are able to recycle it.

“We have found a company in Australia that works in every state and territory, and which can take the bike and recycle every single part of it – from the computer elements to the motor, from the lithium battery to the metal frame.”

There’s more to being ‘green’ than simply recycling

Everything You Need To Know About The Benzina Zero
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Benzina Zero has partnered with Greenfleet – a not-for-profit organisation that plants native biodiverse forests in Australia to capture carbon emissions on behalf of its supporters. The partnership will see Benzina Zero and Greenfleet be responsible for the regeneration of one square metre of land for every vehicle they sell. This is a global promise.

“This was really important to us. We want to give back through what we do, and for it to be a transparent process, and so one square metre of land will be regenerated for every bike we sell globally. And that regeneration will be done in Australia regardless of where we sell the bikes.”

This type of scooter is the future of urban transport

Everything You Need To Know About The Benzina Zero
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While many of us make use of whatever motorcycle we own to cover every type of riding - to and from work, to the shops, to a friend’s house, for a weekend away, for a Sunday morning blast - the future of electric motorcycles and scooters is such that there will be clearly delineated types for different riding conditions. Limited range and speed scooters such as the Benzina Zero will occupy the urban environment, in place of cars as much as petrol motorcycles and we will have larger electric motorcycles to go further outside the cities.

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