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2020 will see the population of Earth reach 8 billion, the tallest building completed, the colonization of Mars begun, and towards the end, we’ll have the United States presidential election. Amidst such exciting (and some not as much) events that’ll shape a new future, our world of motorcycling only keeps getting more exhilarating with new mind-altering machines on two wheels.

With avant-garde styling elements, ingenious technologies, and state-of-the-art equipment lists, these machines shatter the fabric of our imagination and show us an entirely new sight of motorcycling perceptions. Although all of these motorcycles might look like the futuristic concepts they can be, believe me when I say this, they are all production models for you and me to buy. (Well, not me for sure. I only make money enough to write about them. )

2020 Aston Martin AMB 001

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This is a $120,000 turbo-charged, all-carbon-fiber machine bred for the track, made by the “coolest brand in the world” – Aston Martin. Along with legendary British manufacturer, Brough Superior (currently based in France though), Aston brings in this limited edition, track-only hyperbike - the AMB 001.

The Aston Martin Design team has once again displayed a deliberate yet conscious level of elegance, unlike anything seen on a racing machine. A turbocharged 997-cc V-twin engine prances with 180 horses. Scaling at 390 lb, this track-focused superbike boasts of a power-to-weight ratio of 1, thanks to the carbon-fiber body, titanium, and billet aluminum components running all around this machine.

2020 Bimota Tesi H2

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Kawasaki made a good buy of the Bimota brand from Swiss-Italian entrepreneurs by unveiling their no-holds-barred hyperbike powered by the most powerful motorcycle engine in production. It is the best of Japanese engineering and Italian architecture the modern world is going to witness and is a technological prodigy touted to hit the 300 hp mark, courtesy the thunderous H2’s 998cc supercharged mill harnessed in a Bimota Tesi chassis with the state-of-the-art electronic wizardry.

The striker after the engine is that massive aluminum alloy swingarm with hub center steering activated by Heim joints. The rear gets, not one, but two electronically-adjustable Ohlin units. The same electronic magic comes here as well, including the advanced 6-axis IMU, ABS, Traction control, quick-shifter with auto-blipper, and the 3 step Launch control. The Tesi H2 could come with a price tag of about $53,000 and be sure it will be a limited-edition affair.

2020 BST HyperTek

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Designed by Piere Terblanche, the HyperTek is a gorgeous sci-fi machine built by the famous carbon-wheel supplier – BST (Blackstone TEK). Built around a carbon-fiber monocoque frame, the HyperTek is powered by a “high power-density” liquid-cooled radial flux motor made by DHX Hawk with 107 horsepower and 88 ft-lb of torque. This electric moniker comes with a slipper clutch mechanism for regenerative braking functions, Wheelie & Traction Control, built-in sound generator, cruise control, and hill stop assist functions.

This gets the best brake disc designs I’ve ever seen on a production motorcycle. A single front 330mm aluminum ceramic-infused ventilated disc brake, tethered to Brembo radials handle the undulations. The suspension unit is a “carbon fiber integrated structure with down tubes and triple clamps in one piece” at the front, while the rear gets K-Tech air shock actuated by a linkage. Technically, there is no dash/instrumentation, but everything comes as a HUD on a bespoke Cross Helmet. You might have to pay around $80,000 to become a ‘custodian’ of the HyperTek.

2020 Ariel Ace Iron Horse

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Said to be a homage to the ’Black Ariel’ produced between 1926 and 1930, the Iron Horse is built around a hand-crafted, hand-polished aluminum frame that over 70 hours to produce, CNC machined from 6 individual billet aluminum sections. And so is the case with the unique aluminum Ariel girder front end, the exhaust canister, and the 17 inch BST alloy wheel, all polished away even to burn the sun. Cradled within that blingy frame is a carbon fiber fuel tank that slopes down to a hand-stitched saddle that matches the weaves to the tank. The sparsely available bodywork is also carbon-fiber.

Every Ace has been tailor-made and individually built by one technician from start to finish, and you can see the plaque with his signature on the frame. The heart of this Iron Horse, however, remains the same 1237cc V4 motor supplied by Honda from its VFR1200. Throttle by wire technology combined with Ariel’s fuel mapping and intake system gives progressive and responsive power delivery throughout the rev range. All this can be yours for $38,000.

2020 Verge TS

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We, for one, never imagined hubless designs becoming a thing apart from a few wacky custom jobs and, of course, the Legacy light cycle from Tron. Now though, a new Finnish company called Verge (previously known as the RMK Vehicle Corporation) has given us their version of the future, a hubless electric superbike called the Verge TS. And it’s got a mind-bending peak torque figure of a 1000 Nm (786 lb-ft).

Built around an aluminum frame, the TS will make use of an in-house designed 80kw (107 hp) electric motor, with a lithium-ion battery making 120v at the drive. Verge claims that the TS can hit the 60mph mark in under 4 seconds and has a cool 186-mile range in the city limits, topping at 111 mph. Its “non-centered rim” dominates the rear end of the already posh and brat design that is an amalgamation of a naked streetfighter (sans the cowl) and a fully-faired sportsbike. The motorcycle will cost around EUR 24,990 ($27,500) and will be pre-registered in Finland.


2020 Italjet Dragster

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The only scooter on the list, but look at it, and you’ll know why. Italjet Moto is the only mass-produced scooter manufacturer to equip its products with a radical forkless front suspension and a spaceframe. The wacky design and construction of the Italjet are all credited to the cyborg worthy naked steel trellis frame with aluminum diecast plates, hub-steering, Pirelli Diablo tires, and frontally mounted radiator. The aggressive appearance is in authentic Italian flair with the stylish yet aerodynamic fascia and the sleek tail-end with minimalistic panels.

The front-end is dominated by the Italjet’s patented Independent Steering System (ISS), which is similar to the ones we saw in the Bimota supercharged Tesi H2. The handlebar unit, MotoGP-style hand-lever guards, passenger footpegs and handrails, all seem to be CNC-machined out of billet aluminum. But unfortunately, this cyborg machine won’t make it onto our shores until the end of 2020, but our European readers will be able to pick this one up at €5,100 for the 125cc and €5,600 for the 200cc. Be sure they are a limited edition affair (for the first 499 units only). It will, however, enter mass production by March 2020.

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