Reaching the three digit speeds in a jiffy is the new high

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Motorcycle racing took shape the minute the second motorcycle was made. Then came the madness of being the fastest man or building the quickest machine on the planet gave a new sense of high and want. It is intoxication, indeed. Setting records for the whole world to know became a fascination, and people spent all the time and money into this pursuit of speed.

In a world where outright horsepower and straight-line speed hold center stage, these machines bred by factory engineers have blazed the streets and have swept us off our feet in the most fashionable way possible. Here is our list of top ten machines ready to be plucked off showroom floors and much miles as quick as possible:

1. Yamaha YZF-R1 M

Top Speed: 186 mph

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Yamaha YZF-R1 M
Top Speed: 186 Mph

Touted as the sharpest and most track-focused supersport bikes you could get your hands on, the new Yamaha R1 comes bolstered with the same liquid-cooled, parallel four-cylinder engine which oozes out 197 hp and 150 lb-ft of torque. The engine is coupled to a 6-speed gearbox with slick up-shifts on tap.

At a top speed of 186 mph, the R1-M series will enhance rider experience by improving suspension, shifting, and fueling to be the "most sought-after supersport motorcycles designed to deliver the pinnacle of performance on and off the track."

2. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R

Top Speed: 190 mph

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Top Speed: 190 Mph

Serving as the brand’s non-H2 flagship, this big Ninja machine carries a 1,441 cc with a ram air intake and a pretty high compression ratio of 12.3-to-1 to make up 208 ponies. Enough to top out somewhere around 190 mph with a 9.7 second (or so) 1/4-mile time that maxes at 147.04 mph.

The 14R brings all the goodness to the table along with the ride-quality and safety subsystems you’ll need to keep it under control. Make no mistake; this is a serious ride meant for experienced riders, and not another one of these race bike-looking commuters so popular with the masses right now.

3. Suzuki Hayabusa

Top Speed: 194 mph

The fastest motorcycles currently in production
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Top Speed: 194 Mph

Ruling the charts for the most part of the end of 20th and the beginning of the 21st century, this GSX1300R is one of the biggest sportsbike out there but has all the grunt to be one of the fastest as well. The four-cylinder, short-stroke, DOHC mill displaces a generous 1,340 cc and comes with some treasure hidden within to take it all the way to 194 mph.

The Hayabusa has been lauded by many for its all-round performance besides speed. It has a great character that comes with qualities like handling, comfort, reliability, noise, fuel economy, and price un-tampered in pursuit of a single function - Stupidfast.

4. MV Agusta F4 LH44

Top Speed: 195 mph

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Top Speed: 195 Mph

Calling it the MV Agusta F4 LH44 (Lewis Hamilton 44), this stunning piece of entry by the house of Varese is for an audience who desire the best of both worlds. Beauty and performance. Wearing jazzier clothes, and of course, Lewis’s insignia, the panther, all around the bike, this RC bred machine can let you taste the spirit of racing and technology that thrives on pure emotions and rich heritage.

On the mechanical front, the LH44 will exactly run the same bits as that of the F4 RC. The 998 cc, four-cylinder mill comes with billet pistons and titanium connecting rod will make 212 hp. Unique “Ergal” aluminum parts, natural leather and Alcantara, Pirellis, Ohlins, and Brembos. It has it all to take it to 194 mph.

5. PGM 2.0 Liter V8

Top Speed: how brave are you? Or 209 mph (est)

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Top Speed: How Brave Are You? Or 209 Mph (Est)

A V8 powered motorcycle built by an Australian chap, Paul Maloney, this machine is the most powerful production motorcycle in the world. At the heart of it, is a powerplant that has been initialized by wedging two mid-2000s’ Yamaha R1 mills to feature one 90-degree 1996cc V8 engine pumping out a massive 334 hp. The engine gets Ride-by-Wire throttle, and a six-speed sequential gearbox that takes the top speed to “‘how brave are you?” … Uh, What? That is precisely what the makers say when you ask them about the full-throttle mode.

With the bike weighing 534 lbs wet, most of which is the engine itself, the power-to-weight-ratio gives is 0.615. That is some crazy stats to comprehend, especially while doing 209 mph. It all comes down to the weight-saving materials used on this bike by its maniac producers.

6. Aprilia RSV4 FW-GP

Top Speed: 211 mph (est)

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Top Speed: 211 Mph (Est)

Aprilia Racing christened its ‘Factory Works’ project, which allowed customers to get access to their exclusive, high-performance machines that begin life as the extraordinary 215 hp RSV4. They have updated their ultimate offering with a 250 hp Aprilia RSV4 R FW-GP. The nearest one can get to the MotoGP experience.

It boasts of lighter pistons, quick shifter and an all hi-spec APRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control) package that does traction control, cruise control, wheelie control, launch control and pit limiter, all of which helps this machine reach the 211 mph without much of a fuss.

7. BMW HP4

Top Speed: 217 mph

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Top Speed: 217 Mph

You know that it is a big deal when BMW themselves call the HP4 ‘the most exclusive BMW motorcycle of all time.’ The HP4 is an exemplary showcase of cutting-edge technology, exotic materials, skilled craftsmanship, design, and creativity.

The powertrain on this machine is an engineering feat and is handcrafted by the same chaps who work on the WSBK motorcycle making 215 hp. GP spec Titanium Ohlins and Brembos are a regular affair. A machine making use of all exotic and opulent items kept away for track-focused hooning that spares no expense. At 217 mph top speed, it is a sensual experience to only a select few who can afford such an extravagant phenomenon.

8. Lightning LS-218

Top Speed: 218 mph

The fastest motorcycles currently in production
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Top Speed: 218 Mph

The Lightning LS-218 is the fastest production electric motorcycle since the time it was launched in 2014. Weighing only 495 lbs and equipped with the latest electric technologies in the business, the new LS-218 is powered by an IPM liquid-cooled, 150kw+, 10,500 rpm electric motor that generates an equivalent of 200 hp and 168 ft/lbs of torque.

It took the two-way average at Bonneville at 215.96 mph and crossed the timing lights at 218.6 mph. Hence the name.

9. Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Top Speed: 249 mph

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Top Speed: 249 Mph

A non-street-legal version of the supreme H2 motorcycle from the Japanese Green outfit, the H2R’s supercharged motor produces a lathering 326 hp that gives it a power-to-weight ratio of 1509.25 hp/ton. That is more than any production motorcycle on the planet. Co-developed by Kawasaki’s motorcycle and aerospace division, the H2R comes with a MotoGP 6-speed dog-ring system, Race ECU and electronics, top-spec equipment, and the works.

At 249 mph, this is officially the fastest production motorcycles in the world. It sounds fantastic, and it is the fastest accelerating thing on two wheels in production. And that is why you should be bonkers enough to buy it and take a grim from everyone you pass by on the track. What a time to live in!

10. MTT 420RR

Top Speed: Faster Than You Will Ever Dare To Go or 275 mph

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Top Speed: Faster Than You Will Ever Dare To Go Or 275 Mph

The Y2K was humanity’s beautiful creation that could outrun a Bugatti Veyron, and rev more than three times that of a Formula One engine. Made by a Louisiana based Marine Turbine Technologies (MTT) has now developed an even lethal machine that is prancing 420 horses via its Rolls-Royce 250 C-20B gas turbine engine and make a tarmac splitting 500 ft/lbs of torque. It will be called as "The MTT 420RR (Race Ready)"

How fast will it go? “Faster Than You Will Ever Dare To Go,” says MTT. A claimed, if yet unproven, a top speed of 275 mph is what is expected out of it at the least.

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