For those who seek life-bending experiences on two wheels

Let’s just say you’ve made it big out there in the world, bought a billion-dollar mansion somewhere along the coast or up in the mountains, and you have enough space to indulge with all sorts of gadgetry and machines.

But for that whiff of pure unadulterated freedom, you know you need one motorcycle that can truly make sense of all of that. An experience no other motorcycle could possibly give. Which one’s going to be your tool?

Here’s our way of spoiling you for choices. A list of those breathtaking machines on two wheels you could buy right now that are truly made for opulence, opportunities, and most vividly, to make a statement.

1. Kawasaki Ninja H2R

MSRP: $55,000

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MSRP: $55,000

A non-street-legal version of the supreme H2 motorcycle from the Japanese Green outfit, the H2R’s supercharged motor produces a lathering 326 hp that gives it a power to weight ratio of 1509.25 hp/ton. That is more than any production motorcycle on the planet. Co-developed by Kawasaki’s motorcycle and aerospace division, the H2R comes with a MotoGP 6-speed dog-ring system, Race ECU and electronics, top-spec equipment, and the works.

Only Kawasaki’s breed of imaginative designers could have turned a blank design canvas into the H2R. That design, even though it is more than a few years old, still manages to shock and awe every brain cell in that skull of mine. All due given for its signature self-healing silver mirror paint job, electric green trellis frame, and Ninja star wheels.

It sounds fantastic, and it is the fastest accelerating thing on two wheels in production. And that is why you should be bonkers enough to buy it and take a grim from everyone you pass by on the track. What a time to live in!

2. MV Agusta F4 LH44

MSRP: $60,000

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MSRP: $60,000

Calling it the MV Agusta F4 LH44 (Lewis Hamilton 44), this stunning piece of entry by the house of Varese is for an audience who desire the best of both worlds. Beauty and performance. Wearing jazzier clothes, and of course, Lewis’s insignia, the panther, all around the bike, this RC can let you taste the spirit of racing and technology that thrives on pure emotions and rich heritage.

On the mechanical front, the LH44 will exactly run the same bits as that of the F4 RC. The 998 cc, four-cylinder mill comes with billet pistons and titanium connecting rod will make 212 hp. Unique “Ergal” aluminum parts, natural leather and Alcantara, Pirellis, Ohlins, and Brembos, it has it all.

Putting all of his heart out into making this machine, Hamilton got involved in fashioning the details that complimented the lines, curves, and the shape of the F4 superbike phenomenally.

3. BMW HP4

MSRP: $78,000

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MSRP: $78,000

You know that it is a big deal when BMW themselves call the HP4 ‘the most exclusive BMW motorcycle of all time.’ The HP4 is an exemplary showcase of cutting-edge technology, exotic materials, skilled craftsmanship, design, and creativity. This tells us all about the experience, skillset and state-of-the-art know-how the folks at BMW have that make them rise above and beyond.

Having a price tag of $78 k under its belt, it sure is not the end of the story. To use this dreamer, you will have also to own a race track or have one at your disposal (which by any calculation is an expensive affair) and according to BMW, will have to get yourself a brand new engine after every 3000 and odd miles.

The powertrain on this machine is an engineering feat and is handcrafted by the same chaps who work on the WSBK motorcycle making 215 hp. GP spec Titanium Ohlins and Brembos are a regular affair. A machine making use of all exotic and opulent items kept away for track-focused hooning that spares no expense. It is a sensual experience to only a select few who can afford such an extravagant phenomenon.

4. Arch Method 143

MSRP: $78,000

The most expensive motorcycles currently in production Exterior
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MSRP: $78,000

The flagship for Keanu Reeves’s motorcycle company, it is a power cruiser that boasts of a powerful V-Twin engine underneath its hood and surrounds by a carbon fiber mono-cell chassis and exquisite materials all around. Powering this hunk is a monstrous 143ci/2343cc V-twin powerplant from S&S, which will give the Method 143 an earth-shattering 170 hp.

The unique layering design concept and the elegant craftsmanship of the bodywork include fine leather, carbon fiber, and artfully programmed CNC machined aluminum. The company has machined over 200 custom parts out of billet aluminum that makes it look so stunning and raw. The fancy material is also used on an in-house designed carbon-fiber “Turbine” wheels from BST, which, according to my tastes, is one of the best looking wheels in the business.

Faux air-scoops give this the machine the character of a stealth fighter. Accentuating this masterpiece are red accents on the bike, making this metal-dark grey-black piece of art one of the best looking power-cruiser in the business.

5. MV Agusta F4 Claudio

MSRP: $83,000

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MSRP: $83,000

There aren’t many quintessential motorcycle manufacturers like this Italian. Turning motorcycles into a work of art has become a trait at MV, and this F4 has been their flagship for quite some time now. But this year will be the last for this fabled superbike, and MV is phasing it out with a bang. A limited “Claudio” edition F4 superbike, the final chapter of the sexiest superbike of our age. It will be cladded with carbon-fiber wheels and a host of other top-of-the-line pieces, as an honor to the late Claudio Castiglioni, father of Giovanni Castiglioni, president of MV Agusta.

This is basically a WorldSBK-spec race bike with lights and number plates. It will have its liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 998cc engine tweaked to give out a maximum power rating of 205+ hp and come with dual-tipped race exhaust from SC-Project, MVICS electronics, Ohlins, Brembos, and the works. Titanium and light-alloy components save some of the mass, but the carbon-fiber components did the trick in the end.

The F4 Claudio is the last hurrah for the F4 line since MV Agusta is retiring the superbike with this previous tribute to the man that started it all. If that is not special enough for you, I do not know what is.

6. Aprilia RSV4 FW-GP

MSRP: $83,000

The most expensive motorcycles currently in production Exterior
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MSRP: $83,000

Aprilia Racing christened its ‘Factory Works’ project, which allowed customers to get access to their exclusive, high-performance machines that begin life as the extraordinary 215 hp RSV4. They have updated their ultimate offering with a 250 bhp Aprilia RSV4 R FW-GP. The nearest one can get to the MotoGP experience.

The bike itself will eventually be hand delivered by Aprilia Racing team to the customer along with Aprilia Racing branded full track leathers and a paddock pass for an entire MotoGP Grand Prix weekend. In addition, they get invitations to participate in Aprilia track days, where Aprilia Racing engineers tweak the bike based on their riding needs and provide the best possible technical tips to take full advantage of the RSV4 FW-GP’s mechanical and electronic potential.

After that, whenever you wish to use your FW-GP on the track, Aprilia Racing engineers can be summoned for your assistance onto the track. Customers will be personally flown to the Aprilia Racing headquarters in Noale to get in touch with Aprilia Racing engineers and customize the ideal configuration for their needs and budget. They will be provided with a live feed of the build and have a telephone line and address available for any support, request, or information required.

7. PGM 2.0 Liter V8

MSRP: $90,000

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MSRP: $90,000

A V8 powered motorcycle built by an Australian chap, Paul Maloney, this machine is the most powerful production motorcycle in the world. At the heart of it, is a powerplant that has been initialized by wedging two mid-2000s’ Yamaha R1 mills to feature one 90-degree 1996cc V8 engine pumping out a massive 334 hp.

With the bike weighing 534 lbs wet, most of which is the engine itself, the power-to-weight-ratio gives is 0.615. That is some crazy stats to comprehend. It all comes down to the weight-saving materials used on this bike by its maniac producers. Carbon-fiber, titanium, aluminum, it’s all in there. The PGM V8 uses fully adjustable Ohlins setup and Brembo monoblock calipers taking care of the bike’s handling features.

The engine gets Ride-by-Wire throttle, and a six-speed sequential gearbox that takes the top speed to “‘how brave are you?” … Uh, What? That is precisely what the makers say when you ask them about the full-throttle mode.

8. Curtiss Motorcycles Warhawk

MSRP: $105,000

The most expensive motorcycles currently in production Exterior Wallpaper quality
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MSRP: $105,000

Named after the famous World War II fighter plane, this machine is the first Curtiss V-twin in over 100 years and the last one powered by a V-twin gasoline engine that pays homage to the early 20th-century inventor, Glenn Curtiss.

The Warhawk is the first machine in over 100 years, having the Curtiss mark and gets all its cues from the P51 Fighter, including the engine, powertrain, and chassis. The same 2163cc air/oil-cooled triple-camshaft V-twin with traditional pushrod OHV moves the soul here as well. It cranks out a respectable 150 ponies and 160 pound-feet of torque. That is the biggest V-Twin on US soil.

Of course, it is still is very much a work of art as it is a mode of transportation showcasing minimalism, primitivism, and Avant-gardism, just like the P51. The same aircraft-grade billet aluminum monocoque frame gives the raw look of the P51 and comes with all the bells and whistles, including the plexiglass views of the fuel tank.

Easter eggs:

The most expensive motorcycles currently in production Exterior
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Confederate P-51 Combat Fighter: $125,000
Confederate FA-13 Combat Bomber: $135,000

Confederate P-51 Combat Fighter

MSRP: $125,000

• Confederate FA-13 Combat Bomber

MSRP: $135,000

9. MTT 420RR

MSRP: $245,000

The most expensive motorcycles currently in production Computer Renderings and Photoshop Exterior
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MSRP: $245,000

The Y2K was humanity’s beautiful creation that could outrun a Bugatti Veyron, rev more than three times that of a Formula One engine. Made by a Louisiana based Marine Turbine Technologies (MTT) has now developed an even lethal machine that is prancing 420 horses via its Rolls-Royce 250 C-20B gas turbine engine and make a tarmac splitting 500 ft/lbs of torque. It will be called as "The MTT 420RR (Race Ready)"

How fast will it go? “Faster Than You Will Ever Dare To Go,” says MTT. A claimed, if yet unproven, a top speed of 275 mph is what is expected out of it at the least. To make you stay planted, unlike seen here, the bike has undergoing wind tunnel testing to help shape the carbon fiber body panels to protect the rider.

The whole shebang is controlled by MTT’s engine management system that monitors the power source and the fuelling systems. It runs on kerosene but has been adapted to run on diesel or Jet A1 fuel as well. The 420RR will have redesigned fairings, aluminum tubular construction, TFT instrumentation, steering dampers, advance Öhlins suspension, carbon wheels, and a whole lot of more bells and whistles.

10. Tamburini T12 Massimo

MSRP: $1,000,000

The most expensive motorcycles currently in production Exterior
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MSRP: $1,000,000

This right here is the crème de la crème — a machine genuinely made by the hands of god.

T12 Massimo is a pure, extreme, race-track-only sportbike that was meant to be the final project of the legendary Italian motorcycle designer Massimo Tamburini, who created iconic superbikes for Cagiva, MV Agusta, Ducati, and Bimota. Some called him the "Michelangelo of the motorcycle."

Handcuffed by budget limitations and a three-year non-compete clause, Tamburini worked under secrecy but unfortunately died before he could finish the project. His son, however, took it up and finished the beautiful machine in 2016 without any compromise. At 341 pounds, the T12 is one of the lightest liter-class racebikes ever built, thanks to the extensive use of aerospace-grade magnesium, carbon fiber, and aluminum alloy.

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