Top 15 Electric Motorcycles In 2022

With gas prices at an all-time high, this is probably the best time to go electric

Love them or hate them, electric motorcycles are fast becoming a reality. From daily commuters to enduro and race bikes, we’ve seen all kinds of electric bikes hit the road over the past couple of years, and it’s about time we accept that we’ll have to eventually switch to one soon too.

Lucky for us, there’s a vast array of electric bikes catering to riders of all shapes, sizes, and kinds. But, before we tell you our top 15 picks in the e-motorcycle space, here are some reasons why switching to an electric motorcycle isn’t such a bad idea.

Super Soco TC - $5,250

Top 15 Electric Motorcycles In 2022
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For the commuters out there, the Super Soco TC is arguably the best bet. Oh, and it’s super easy on the pocket too

As much as we love high-performance bikes, an electric motorcycle will probably spend most of its life in the city. And, this is why the Super Soco TC is on our list.

The Super Soco TC not only looks retro in a stylish way, but it also makes for a great commuter electric bike. With a top speed of 75 mph, it comes with a 45 Ah (2.7 kWh) battery pack, claiming an impressive range of 60 miles, which is more than enough for city duties.

Meanwhile, features like LED lights, an anti-theft alarm, keyless ignition, and a semi-digital instrument cluster top off the package.

Pursang E-Tracker - $9,425

Top 15 Electric Motorcycles In 2022
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Flat-track-inspired Pursang E-Tracker has great style but six-hour charging time plays against it being used for competition

If the more modern styling excesses of electric motorcycles are too much for you (and your wallet won’t stretch to a Curtiss One!) and what you really feel you need is a flat-track-inspired electric bike, then the Pursang is the one for you.

Taking its name from an old Bultaco model, the Pursang E-Tracker is a relatively normal-looking electric motorcycle, featuring a tubular chrome-moly tubed frame and carbon-fiber bodywork. The range is quoted as 87 miles, but recharge time is a bloated six hours, which rules it out for any sort of competition riding, if that was ever a goal.

It boasts a full-color TFT display that shows speed, range, riding mode, engine power regeneration, and of course, battery life. It even gets smartphone connectivity, and can be connected via the Bosch mobile app.

Fuell Fllow - $10,995

Top 15 Electric Motorcycles In 2022
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Fuell Fllow comes from the fertile brain of Erik Buell.

From the fertile engineering brain of Erik Buell comes the Fuell Fllow. Featuring a magnesium monocoque chassis and housing for the battery, the electric motor is housed in the rear wheel and produces a frankly astonishing 553 pound-feet of torque! Twist the throttle on this and you don’t move forward, the earth rotates underneath you.

The top speed is limited to 55 mph, with 85 mph available for short bursts for overtaking. Regenerative braking is employed, and using a CCS Type 2 charger gives you a full charge in 30 minutes.

There is 1.76 cubic feet of storage in what used to be the fuel tank, which Fuell claims can take a full-face helmet and a soft bag. Unusually for Buell, he has not fitted the rim-mounted brake rotors that were such a feature of his petrol-powered sports bikes.

Cake Kalk& - $14,000

Top 15 Electric Motorcycles In 2022
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Cake Kalk& is the road-legal version of the original Cake from Sweden

The good thing about electric motorcycles is that there are plenty of start-up companies that are manufacturing new models that have no corporate design language to adhere to and the results are refreshingly different.

Swedish company Cake set out to create the ultimate, spare-no-expense, lightweight, high-performance electric dirtbike. Having done this, it then turned its attention to a street-legal version. The oddly-named Kalk& is the result and you could be forgiven for thinking it is a glorified bicycle, such is its skimpy design and construction.

Skimpy it might be, but there is nothing skimpy about the specification: extruded, forged, and CNC-machined 6061 aluminum chassis, Öhlins suspension front and back, and bespoke forged and machined wheels.

It’s not cheap, but if you are looking for personal transport that is light and agile, then the Cake might just be what you are looking for.

Livewire Del Mar S2 - $15,000

Top 15 Electric Motorcycles In 2022
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The second Livewire model is the Del mar, built on a modular platform that will see both larger and smaller models introduced in the next year or two.

The second model from Livewire is significantly cheaper than the Livewire One and is an important model for the brand, which is looking to set sail towards its ambitious sales targets as soon as possible - 100,000 examples by 2026, quite a step up from the 387 units globally in 2021!

Designed around a modular chassis platform called Arrow, the Del Mar is the first of a series of models that will be released in the coming years and is certainly aimed squarely at the mass market of electric bikes.

The platform includes battery, electronics, and motor and can have different steering heads and swing arms bolted to it to create the different variants. S2 models are the middleweights, while S3 will be smaller and S4 larger.

It is due to arrive in showrooms in early 2023. The power output is a claimed 80bhp, while it weighs in at 440 pounds. The range is expected to be 100 miles and no re-charge time has been quoted.

Damon Hyperfighter - $19,000 to $35,000

Top 15 Electric Motorcycles In 2022
- image 1062673
If sporty nakeds are your thing, we suggest you check out the Damon Hyperfighter, which is good enough to take on the gas-powered Ducati Streetfighter

Do you like sporty naked motorcycles? Let us introduce you to the newly launched Damon Hyperfighter.

Unveiled just a few months back, the Damon Hyperfighter is an epic all-electric naked motorcycle that has a rather striking design. This radical design is complemented by equally striking numbers including a peak power of 200 horsepower, 170 mph top speed, and a 146-mile claimed range.

The bike also packs a unique Shift technology, that lets the rider adjust the handlebar and footpeg position on the fly, along with 360-degree cameras to warn the rider about potentially dangerous objects and vehicles.

Zero SR/F - $20,095

Top 15 Electric Motorcycles In 2022
- image 1062643
The best overall motorcycle, though, is the Zero SR/F, offering the best value for the money

Looking for a do-it-all electric bike? Well, we believe it’s the Zero SR/F. Sure, its price of nearly $21,000 isn’t for everyone, but this is one of the most well-sought after e-bikes out there. Allow me to explain.

For starters, the Zero SR/F is probably the most ‘normal-looking’ bike in this list, meaning you’ll instantly feel at home with it. Next, it comes equipped with a powerful motor-battery combo that has a claimed top speed and range of 124 mph and 156 miles, respectively. This ensures you’ll have plenty of power to have fun while steering clear of range anxiety.

Then, you have high-quality underpinnings comprising fully adjustable Showa Big Piston forks and Showa monoshock, alongside Pirelli Rosso III tires.

Finally, the Zero SR/F comes with all modern-day features like ride modes, TFT instrumentation, smartphone connectivity, LED lighting, and even a stability control from Bosch.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire - $21,999

Top 15 Electric Motorcycles In 2022
- image 1062672
Harley-Davidson LiveWire, one of the easiest-to-trust electric bikes. Swipe up to check out pricing on these zero-emissions rides.

Back in 2019, Harley-Davidson took the wraps off the LiveWire, the bike-makers first production electric bike. Roughly three years on, the LiveWire still remains one of the best electric bikes out there, especially if you have a hard time trusting less established companies.

The Harley-Davidson LiveWire features a likable design, which shouts Harley in its own special way while promising a familiar torquey riding experience, too. Of course, there is no glass-shattering rumble here, but you do get 100 horsepower and 84 pound-feet of torque, right on par with Harley’s ICE bikes.

Plus, all this power is instantly available and monitored by a handful of electronics to ensure you stay upright.

The LiveWire boasts a claimed range of 146 miles and a top speed of 95 mph, both more than enough for most riders.

Tarform Luna - $24,000

Top 15 Electric Motorcycles In 2022
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Electric bikes are supposed to be eco-friendly and the Tarform Luna does it best as most of it is built by recycled parts!

The main point of EVs is to offer a sustainable means of getting around and if that’s your motive too, it doesn’t get any more eco-friendly than the Tarform Luna.

I say this because nearly 55-percent of the bike’s parts are 3D-printed from recycled materials like pineapple-leaf fibers and recycled aluminum.

But, Tarform didn’t stop there and threw in an impressive motor and battery combo which gives the bike a claimed range of 120 miles and top speed of 120 mph. Not to forget, this is accompanied by features like a circular digital instrument cluster with an HD display, all-LED lighting, three riding modes, a 180-degree rearview camera, keyless ignition, and smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth.

Evoke 6061 - $24,000

Top 15 Electric Motorcycles In 2022
- image 1062646
No, we didn’t forget cruiser fanatics. The Evoke 6061 is a one-of-a-kind e-bike and has an insane recharge time of just 15 minutes

Rarely do we see electric cruiser bikes, but the Evoke 6061 happens to be one of them. However, this isn’t why it’s on this list. You see, the Evoke 6061, while being an e-cruiser, can also charge from zero to 80-percent in JUST 15 minutes! This brings it right on par with gas-powered bikes, considering this is essentially the same amount of time you’d spend topping up your motorcycle at a busy gas station.

Before you get suspicious, let us tell you that this isn’t a marketing gimmick achieved by using a tiny battery. In fact, the Evoke 6601 packs a huge 25kWh battery, giving it a range of 360km, which is accompanied by a beefy 120kW motor.

Energica Ego+ - $25,310

Top 15 Electric Motorcycles In 2022
- image 1062652
Let’s kick things off with the Energica Ego+ which is one of the sportiest electric bikes you can buy, after all, it is the road-going version of the MotoE race bike

If you’re a sportbike fanatic who wants to go electric, the Energica Ego+ is probably THE best electric motorcycle for you. Not only does it offer sportbike-like performance, ( 170 horsepower and limited top speed of 150mph), the Ego+ has a claimed range of 261 miles which is a lot more than your ICE sportbike can manage.

Along with this, the Energica Ego+ boasts top-shelf underpinnings comprising of a trellis frame, cast aluminum wheels, Marzocchi USD forks, and Brembo brakes at both ends.

Not to forget, the Ego+ is also used in the MotoE world championship, so it’s safe to say that the bike is well kitted-out to tackle a race track.

Lightning LS-218 - $38,888 to $46,888

Top 15 Electric Motorcycles In 2022
- image 1062648
Want outright performance? Then, the Lighting LS-218 is for you and the ’218’ is thanks to its actual top speed, 218mph

Want to smoke gas-powered motorcycles for fun? Then, the Lightning LS-218 is for you.

It is the world’s fastest road-going electric motorcycle and the ‘218’ in its name isn’t just any suffix but denotes the bike’s top speed. Yeah, that’s right, the Lightning LS-218 can hit a top speed of 218mph, which is accompanied by its crazy zero to 60 mph dash of 2.2 seconds!

These insane power figures are courtesy of the LS-218’s 150kW motor pumping out 168 pound-feet which draws electricity from a 12kWh battery pack. Complementing this powerhouse are equally impressive underpinnings comprising Ohlins FGRT forks, Ohlins TTX monoshock, and forged aluminum wheels.

Curtiss One - $81,000

Top 15 Electric Motorcycles In 2022
- image 1084597
If retro style is your thing, then the Curtiss One is the only bike in this list that will satisfy your needs, while emptying your wallet

If electric motorcycles equate to expensive in your mind, then you won’t be disappointed by the Curtiss One. Created by the team that brought you Confederate Motorcycles, Curtiss (named after Glen Curtiss, one-time holder of the motorcycle land speed record, pioneer aviator, and engineer) is similarly way-out in its design, this time going for the retro-look rather than the hyper modernism of the Confederate. It looks like nothing else out there, with its Art Deco styling cues and advanced engineering and construction techniques.

Aluminum and carbon fiber feature strongly here and the powertrain is expected to be able to produce up to 220 horsepower and a monstrous 272 pound-feet of torque. At the moment, the figures are 120 horses and 147 pound-feet, which is still enough to stretch your arms in a most un-vintage manner!

Arc Vector - $117,000 (approx.)

Top 15 Electric Motorcycles In 2022
- image 1062651
Next is the Arc Vector boasting a futuristic design, top-quality components, and an insane range of 270 miles

Range anxiety is a major concern for most people planning to go electric. But, there’s a radical solution to it and it’s called the Arc Vector.

The bike offers a crazy good range of over 270 miles, and if you still happen to run out of charge, it can be juiced up in just 40 minutes. Apart from this, the bike has a top speed of 124 mph and can get to 60 mph in merely 3.2 seconds.

The Arc Vector is built around a unique monocoque chassis featuring Ohlins TTX mono shocks and Brembo Stylema brakes at both ends, making the package ever-so-premium.

Axxis Liion - Price Not Announced

Top 15 Electric Motorcycles In 2022
- image 1062644
This right here is for the supermoto peeps. Meet the Axiis Liion concept

A supermoto bike sounds crazy as it is, but believe us, this electric supermoto is even crazier. Case in context, the Axxis Liion concept, which is nothing short of a maniac on two wheels.

Why? Well, because it’s made mostly of carbon fiber and lightweight metals, weighing just 294 pounds which, coupled with its 134 horsepower claimed output, gives it an unmatched power-to-weight ratio. In case you’re wondering, this is good enough for a claimed top speed of 124 mph.

Plus, the bike should have more than enough range, courtesy of its 12kWh battery pack.

Top 15 Electric Motorcycles
Name Power Top Speed
Energica Ego+ 170 horses 150mph
Arc Vector N/A 124mph
Damon Hyperfighter 200 horses 170mph
Lightning LS-218 200 horses 218mph
Tarform Luna 55 horses 120mph
Evoke 6061 160 horses 142mph
Super Soco TC ~4 horses 45mph
Axiis Liion 134 horses 124mph
Zero SR/F 110 horses 124mph
Harley-Davidson LiveWire 100 horses 95mph
Livewire Del Mar S2 80 horses 100 mph
Curtiss One 120 horses N/A
Cake Kalk& 13.4 horses 56 mph
Fuell Fllow 48 horses 85 mph
Pursang E-Tracker 14.75 horses 75 mph

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do electric motorcycles cost?

Electric motorcycles start from around $5,000 and go all the way over $100,000. They are more expensive than their petrol-driven equivalents because they are built in relatively small numbers. Expect the price to reduce as they become more popular.

Who makes electric motorcycles

There are many manufacturers that make electric motorcycles, like Zero, Cake, Energica, and Livewire, which is a Harley Davidson brand

How fast are electric motorcycles?

The top speed varies depending on the power of the motor and the size of the batteries. Acceleration is extremely quick as electric motors give all their torque instantly from zero miles per hour. To give you an idea, the fastest electric motorcycle currently is the Lightning LS-218 which takes just 2.2 seconds from 0 to 60 mph and has a top speed of 218 mph.

Why are electric motorcycles so expensive?

Electric motorcycles are expensive due to low production numbers and the development of new technology. They will get cheaper as they become more mainstream.

How long will electric motorcycles last?

Electric motorcycles will last as long as their petrol-powered counterparts. However, batteries generally have a life of around 1,000 charging cycles or up to five years in normal operating conditions.

Does Yamaha have an electric motorcycle?

Yamaha has a range of electric scooters and an electric trials bike but no large electric road motorcycles yet.

What’s the fastest electric street-legal motorcycle?

The fastest electric street-legal motorcycle is the Lightning LS-218 with a top speed of 218 mph.

Does Harley Davidson have an electric motorcycle?

Yes, Harley Davidson has electric motorcycles in the form of the Livewire One and Livewire Del Mar models

What is the best electric motorcycle?

That depends on what you are using it for. For town and city use, the best electric motorcycle is the Livewire Del Mar, whereas, for sports bike riding, the Energica or the Lightning would be the best choice.

Benefits Of Electric Motorcycles

Top 15 Electric Motorcycles In 2022
- image 1062650
Considering an e-motorcycle? Here are our top 10 picks and you’d be hard-pressed to ignore these rides

Noise-free: As much as we love the vroom of a gas-powered bike, it does contribute to noise pollution and not everyone around you is a fan. In contrast, electric motorcycles provide a quieter experience (barring the whirring sound) that will probably keep your neighbors a lot happier.

Pollution-free: Duh! The biggest pro of an electric motorcycle (or any EV) is almost zero carbon emissions which, in the long run, will have a positive impact on our planet.

Considerably lower running costs: Gasoline prices are at an all-time high and big bikes aren’t really the best with gas mileage. The solution? Simple. Fast electric bikes. With the only energy required being electricity, the running cost of an electric motorcycle is much lower than an ICE bike of the same caliber. Now, we know the initial cost of purchase is higher for EVs, but if you’re a regular rider, an electric motorcycle will be much easier on your pocket in the long run.

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