• Top 5 new Electric Motorcycles coming in 2020

  • 2020 ZERO SR/F
  • 2020 CAKE KALK&
  • 2020 VERGE TS

Running purely on electricity, these machines show us the future with promising range and fast-charging capabilities

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This is the present and the future. There is no denial in the fact that people will eventually stop filling their vehicles with liquefied dinosaurs and shift to electric. Not because they’ll like it but because there won’t be an option in the future. So automotive manufacturers have already begun the race to be at the top when that happens, and have kept their workforce busy in spinning out vehicles for the future.

Time and again, it has been proved that electric/hybrid vehicles have an overwhelming advantage, especially to ride within the town, and this evolution has been a gradual process for some – and an exciting start for others. Here are the top five electric mobility options you can buy in 2020 to hum around town, and feel good about doing something for the environment.

2020 Zero SR/F

Top 5 new Electric Motorcycles coming in 2020 Exterior
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2020 ZERO SR/F

ZERO Motorcycles has been at the epitome of electrically powered machines on two wheels. Showing the world how to do it right all this while, the folks have upped their game for 2020 with this brand new streetfighter, the SR/F. The bike will feature a new “Cypher III” operating system that brings in Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control and a multitude of data onto the TFT dash. USB charging ports, LED lighting, storage space, a fly screen, heated grips, and aluminum bar ends adds to the oomph factor.

Powered by a new ZF75-10 motor, this is the most powerful electric bike released by ZERO to date. The ZF14.4 lithium-ion battery pumps enough juice to bring out 140 pound-feet of torque and 110 hp that will help it reach 124 mph. The charging system comes with a 3.0-kW and a 6.0-kW option. The SR will come with riding modes, cornering ABS, regen, traction control, and torque control. The chassis is equipped with Showa 43mm Big Piston SFF and 40mm Showa shock, J.Juan brakes, and Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tires. MSRP: $18,995 - $20,995.

2020 Energica Eva Ribelle

Top 5 new Electric Motorcycles coming in 2020 Exterior
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Bringing in a brand new streetfighter, the Ribelle carries a larger 21.5-kilowatt-hour battery pack that powers an oil-cooled synchronous motor borrowed from their experience in the MotoE championship. It develops 145 hp and 158 pound-feet torque that’ll pull this machine to a top speed of 125 mph. It gets a TFT dash that includes GPS and Bluetooth functionality, Alcantara seats, cast aluminum rims from OZ Racing shod in Pirelli Diablo Rosso III rubber, and more. Optional extras include Öhlins suspension, carbon fiber panels, keyless ignition, heated grips.

A claimed 250 miles of range is courtesy an on-board three-watt charger. A DC fast charger will charge 80% in 42 minutes. The red steel trellis frame carries Marzocchi 43mm USD forks, rear monoshock, Brembo Radial-mount 4-piston calipers with dual 330mm discs, and a host of electronic aids like the riding modes, regen, traction control, ABS, and cruise control.


Top 5 new Electric Motorcycles coming in 2020
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KYMCO built its first complete scooter in 1970, and by the end of 2000, it became the largest scooter manufacturer in Taiwan, and the fifth largest scooter manufacturer worldwide. Now, they seem to go headstrong with electric mobility with the launch of the Revonex motorcycle that comes with a unique Active Acoustic Motor (AAM) with a six-speed transmission sans a clutch. The motor can spin up the Revonex from 0-62 mph in 3.9 seconds, and flats out at 127 mph.

Adaptive Machine Personality (AMP) comes with riding modes, launch control, and FEP (Full Engagement Performance) that includes traction control, ABS, and rear-wheel lift mitigation. The chassis tethers Metzeler Racetec RR tires, Brembo brakes, and Öhlins suspension. Other features include split LED headlamp, TFT dash, and more.

2020 Zero DSR Black Forest

Top 5 new Electric Motorcycles coming in 2020
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After touring around Europe, Zero has finally launched the Black Forest on our soil. To take on terrains in all silence, this DSR gets a 14.4 kWh battery pack, touring windshield, lockable Givi panniers and top trunk, crash bars fitted with LED auxiliary lights, hand guards and a protective headlight cover. A Power Tank 18 kWh pack would give a total city mileage of 196 miles with the full 116 pound-feet of torque.

With all Zero motorcycles for 2020, the DSR Black Forest also gets the Cypher II/III operating system and a Next-Gen App for charging status, updates, and for customizing ride modes. Aluminum twin-spar frame bolts on the 41 mm inverted Showa forks and 40 mm Showa monoshock. J-Juan brake calipers grab a 320 mm disc up front and a 240 mm disc out back to slow things down, and there’s a stock Bosch Gen 9 ABS. MSRP is $18,995.

2020 Verge TS

Top 5 new Electric Motorcycles coming in 2020
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We, for one, never imagined hubless designs becoming a thing apart from a few wacky custom jobs and, of course, the Legacy light cycle from Tron. Now though, a new Finnish company called Verge (previously known as the RMK Vehicle Corporation) has given us their version of the future, a hubless electric superbike called the Verge TS. And it’s got a mind-bending peak torque figure of a 1000 Nm (786 lb-ft).

Built around an aluminum frame, the TS will make use of an in-house designed 80kw (107 hp) electric motor, with a lithium-ion battery making 120v at the drive. Verge claims that the TS can hit the 60mph mark in under 4 seconds and has a cool 186-mile range in the city limits, topping at 111 mph. Its “non-centered rim” dominates the rear end of the already posh and brat design that is an amalgamation of a naked streetfighter (sans the cowl) and a fully-faired sportsbike. The motorcycle will cost around EUR 24,990 ($27,500) and will be pre-registered in Finland.



Top 5 new Electric Motorcycles coming in 2020
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The 2020 Cake Kalk& (and) is an off-road capable notion of Cake’s Kalk OR that sees every part, including rolling chassis – frame, cockpit, wheels and tires – components, suspension and drive train, was engineered, designed and manufactured for optimal performance. The electric powertrain produces a massive 186 lb-ft of peak torque that can propel this to a claimed maximum speed of 56+ mph. This comes in courtesy of the 15kW IPM motor juiced up by a 2.6 kWh, 50 Ah lithium-ion battery.

The bodywork is made entirely out of lightweight carbon-fiber and aluminum, and the frame doubles up as the body and includes exquisite elements made up of an array of CNC-machined alloy parts. Adjustable motor braking, riding modes, and re-generation tech help you go a little more the distance. The chassis comes equipped with USD 38mm stanchion tubes at the front, and TTX shocks at the rear, four pistons calipers clutched onto 220mm stainless steel rotors, and specially made GMD Trail Savers tires. MSRP: $14,000

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“Electric vehicles are the future” is what you will see under the banner of every automotive manufacturer now. They are moving away from the addiction to gasoline - in a bid to a cleaner alternative to protect the environment. These five machines spoken about here speeds up the journey towards a zero-emission society while enhancing excitement and fun.

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