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Providing economical personal transportation since the days of WW-II, scooters have been the goto mode for being more affordable, more comfortable to operate, and more convenient to own. The fact that the licensing requirements and insurance for scooters are more accessible and cheaper than for cars in most parts of the world makes them popular in countries with rapid economic growth.

Moreover, urban citizens find it easier to operate who wheelers on the streets due to the increase in traffic congestion and the non-availability of parking spaces. These five scooters coming in for 2020 run on fule-efficient engines, and carry some beautiful piece of equipment to satisfy the majority of the folks.

2020 Italjet Dragster

Top 5 new Scooters coming in 2020 Exterior
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Italjet Moto is the only mass-produced scooter manufacturer to equip its products with a radical forkless front suspension and a spaceframe. The wacky design and construction of the Italjet are all credited to the cyborg worthy naked steel trellis frame with aluminum diecast plates, hub-steering, Pirelli Diablo tires, and frontally mounted radiator. The aggressive appearance is in authentic Italian flair with the stylish yet aerodynamic fascia and the sleek tail-end with minimalistic panels.

The front-end is dominated by the Italjet’s patented Independent Steering System (ISS), which is similar to the ones we saw in the Bimota supercharged Tesi H2. The handlebar unit, MotoGP-style hand-lever guards, passenger footpegs and handrails, all seem to be CNC-machined out of billet aluminum. But unfortunately, this cyborg machine won’t make it onto our shores until the end of 2020, but our European readers will be able to pick this one up at €5,100 ($5600) for the 125cc and €5,600 ($6200) for the 200cc. Be sure they are a limited edition affair (for the first 499 units only). It will, however, enter mass production by March 2020.

2020 Vespa Electtrica

Top 5 new Scooters coming in 2020
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The Electtrica is the electric version of Vespa’s Primavera scooter with a lithium-ion battery and a 4kW motor that is guaranteed to get you 62 miles on a single charge. The Electtrica is also high on electronic packaging with remote key, LED surround lights, USB charger, Ride-by-Wire, and two riding modes for you to choose from. And the best part of it all, it gets a Reverse mode as well.

The lithium-ion battery power unit is capable of delivering continuous power of 2 kW and peak power of 4 kW and takes just 4 hours for a full recharge. The scooter also benefits from motorsport tech known as KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) that recharges the battery while decelerating. The Vespa Electtrica can always be customizable with seven color options and seat trims. You also get a special Bluetooth Jet helmet with the scooter’s livery you chose. MSRP: $7,499.

2020 Vespa Primavera 50

Top 5 new Scooters coming in 2020
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Although not new to the market, these 2020 retro scooters from Vespa will now come in a speed-limited option for more commuters enjoying life on two-wheels. The 50cc models can be ridden without a motorcycle endorsement in 16 states on a 50cc mill that get roughly give you 160 miles in range. Powered by a 4.1 hp four-stroke engine, the CVT delivers a top speed around 40 mph with a claimed 80 mpg.

The Primavera 50 comes with 12-inch, cast-aluminum rims that roll with five paired spokes. Coil-over shocks support both the front end and the rear. The braking department sees a 140 mm drum-type brake at the rear and a hydraulic caliper that bites a 200 mm disc at the front that comes with ABS protection. As for the hoops, the 12-inch wheels mount a 110/70 up front opposite a 120/70 to make the final connection to the tarmac. MSRP: $3,999


Top 5 new Scooters coming in 2020
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For 2020, Piaggio gets a new model in their Beverly Lineup carrying a 30 hp 350cc mill. The scooter will carry Cyclops Headlight, LCD Display, Smoked Windscreen, USB Charging Port, Remote-Control, Seat Lock, and Optional Bike-Finder Feature.

The single-cylinder mill comes with fuel injection to deliver 65.4 mpg for a potential range of around 210 miles and a good 20 lb-ft of torque. The dry clutch is replaced with a wet, multi-plate clutch, and the BV 350 comes with a stock traction control feature. Tubular-steel members make up the double-cradle underframe and tether Hydraulic telescopic forks and dual coil-over shocks for managing the undulations. All-around disc brakes come with ABS as standard. MSRP: $6,599

2020 Yamaha TMAX Tech MAX

Top 5 new Scooters coming in 2020
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More than just a practical commuter, the stylish TMax scooter has been Yamaha’s darling ever since it was launched in 2001. For 2020, it gets heated grips and seat, MyTMAX Connect app, electronically-adjustable windscreen, cruise control, dual slanted LED headlights, TFT dash, and more. Yamaha also gold-colored the front forks and the caliper bolts to give it an edge over every other scooter available in its class.

Powering this is a new 562cc twin-engine, which includes the heavily revised intake and exhaust systems for Euro-5 compliance. Twin-spar, die-cast frame will carry 41mm forks upfront and an adjustable link-type rear suspension. Disc brakes at both ends handle the breaking, and ABS comes in as standard. This scooter, however, might not make it to our shores.


2020 Honda PCX150

Top 5 new Scooters coming in 2020
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2020 Honda PCX150

With a make-over in 2013, the PCX125 gave way to the PCX150 and a new chapter in the globally produced Honda scooter was launched. The 150 got a bigger engine, a sportier look, and a larger capacity fuel tank to truly become a model for the global market. Other features include a new LED lighting, LCD instrumentation, a helmet hook, 12-V charging socket, larger under-seat storage, and small storage space in the front apron of the scooter.

The low-friction, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, SOHC, 80 degree, 149cc engine produces 13.3 hp and 10.3 lb-ft of torque. Suspension units remain the same with the front using a 31mm telescopic unit, while the twin rear shocks receive tri-rate springs. Additionally, the braking setup now gets an optional single-channel ABS with the 220mm single front disc and 130mm rear drum equipment. MSRP: $3,699

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