2019 Can-Am Models Explained

The Can-Am marque is a builder of modern, Delta-configured trikes that fall under the expansive Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) umbrella. Currently, the factory produces two distinct vehicle families – the Spyder and the Ryker – to cover the sport segment, the touring section and the just-for-fun group. Stability and safety equipment are constants across the board to make this brand particularly new-rider friendly.

Can-Am History:

2018 Can-Am Spyder RT
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The Can-Am Spyder family first saw light of day back in early 2007, spawned from designs first sketched in 1996 at an Annual Design Forum hosted by the BRP Design Department. We were first introduced to the Roadster that brought sportbike-like performance to the trike market on a two-wheels-up-front Delta chassis for positive steerage and stability with a single wheel out back to deliver the drive power. Two years later, the tour-tastic “RT” model hit sales floors, followed by the “ST” in 2012. Can-Am expanded its mid-range with the addition of the F3 and F3-S in 2014, and the very next season, the factory boosted its touring capabilities with the F3-T and F3 Limited. In 2018, the Ryker joined the lineup in a bid to dip deeper into the newbie well and grab the youngest of the potential customers.

Can-Am Terminology:

2018 Can-Am Spyder RT
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Vehicle Stability System: The VSS is a bundle of systems that include ABS, traction control and a Stability Control System to help you keep it right-side up, even through hard turns.

Rotax A.C.E.: The Rotax name has proven itself in both marine and aviation applications, and the “Advanced Combustion Engine” is the chosen powerplant for the entirety of the Spyder/Ryker range.

Ufit System: Adjustable rider’s triangle that lets you shift the foot controls, brake lever and handlebar to suit your body style and preferences.

BRP Connect: Infotainment system that networks wirelessly with your smartphone to deliver music and a number of apps to enhance your ride.

Can-Am Models

Can-Am Ryker Recreational

2019 Can-Am Ryker
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The Can-Am Ryker line reduces the Spyder to its essentials with the bare necessities for one-up travel. No accommodations are made for a passenger, so out of the box it’s a solo-adventure machine only. Power comes from either a 600 ACE or 900 ACE with 50- and 82-horsepower, respectively. An automatic (CVT) transmission delivers twist-and-go operation, and reverse is available as an option. Like its bigger brothers, the Ryker has a compartment up between the front wheels with 1.85 gallons of dry storage. While the base Ryker comes with an impressive palette, the “Rally Edition” adds a bit of bling that offsets some of the blackout.

Ryker $8,499 600 cc
Ryker $9,999 900 cc
Ryker Rally Edition $10,999 900 cc

Can-Am Spyder Sport Cruising

2018 - 2019 Can-Am Spyder F3 / F3-S
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The F3 line serves as the Sport-Cruiser equivalent with greater performance due to the 1330 ACE powerplant that churns out 105 horsepower and 96 pound-feet of torque. Storage in the forward compartment is bumped up to 6.5 gallons, and the CVT is replaced by a semi-automatic six-speed transmission. The F3-S bumps horsepower up to 115 ponies through the addition of a “Sport Mode,” and the transmission can be had in a manual or a semi-automatic. At the top of the range, the Special Series boasts the same powerful lump as the “S” model, and it comes in a singularly sporty package.

Spyder F3 $15,999 1,330 cc
Spyder F3-S $17,499 1,330 cc
Spyder F3-S Special Series $19,599 1,330 cc

Can-Am Spyder F3 Cruising Touring

2018 Can-Am Spyder F3-T / F3-T Limited
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Can-Am’s Cruiser-Touring line is the Spyder equivalent of a bagger. Hard-side bags boost the storage capacity up to 7.1 gallons, and a large front fairing and windshield gives some protection from the weather. The top tier houses the full-dresser-equivalent F3 Limited that takes it up another notch with a top case bringing the total storage to 36.5 gallons.

Spyder F3-T $21,499 1,330 cc
Spyder F3 Limited $24,499 1,330 cc

Can-Am Spyder RT

2018 Can-Am Spyder RT
- image 845113

The Can-Am Spyder RT line is for the hardcore distance riders. A full windshield and generous seating makes it comfortable, and the pillion pad comes with a full backrest so you can share the fun with a friend. The RT Limited pulls everything from the top shelf, and it’s definitely the company’s flagship touring model with all the bells and whistles the Spyder line has to offer.

Spyder RT $24,599 1,330 cc
Spyder RT Limited $26,999 1,330 cc

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2018 - 2019 Can-Am Spyder F3 / F3-S
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2018 Can-Am Spyder RT
- image 845110

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2018 audace carbon
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