Energica’s 2019 Lineup Explained

Energica Motor Company produces EV bikes under the CRP Group umbrella. Based in Modena, Italy, the marque currently produces a trio of models to include a full-on superbike, a somewhat-naked streetfighter and a neo-retro piece that borrows from a number of influences from yesteryear. As for the patron group, it brings a number of useful abilities to the table with aerospace-engineering experience that lends itself well to the EV-bike industry such as CNC milling and laser sintering (metal 3D printing).

Energica History

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The CRP Group has been around for about four and a half decades, but the seed that would become the Energica Motor Company was planted in 2006 when the conglomerate decided to enter the motorcycle racing field. After an encouraging start on internal-combustion-engine machines, the factory turned its attention to the electric racing-bike sector in 2009 and launched the eCRP project.

By 2010, the factory experimented with a road-legal version and the Energica marque finally saw the light of day. Energica’s first streetbike, the Ego, hit the market in 2013, and the very next model year saw a trio of Ego variants with a brand new electric streetfighter, the [Eva5606], to keep the developmental momentum going. Energica released the Eva EsseEsse9 for MY2018 to complete its lineup.

Energica Terminology

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BMS: Battery management system that maintains a sealed system around the high-voltage Li-NMC battery. It pulls double duty as a shroud that uses channeled air to remove waste heat from the lithium polymer power-storage unit.

VCU: Vehicle control unit. The electronic “brain” of the bike that manages power delivery, power recovery by regenerative braking, and displays battery status. A 4.3-inch, color TFT LCD screen acts as the interface and instrument cluster for the system.

Park Assistant: A VCU-assisted feature that limits speed and torque to 1.74 mph and 37 pound-feet, respectively, and it moves the bike slowly forward, or in reverse, for easy feet-down maneuvers.

eABS: Limits drag from the regenerative-braking effect to prevent slippage in inclement conditions.

LPR: Long Period Rest feature helps balance and maintain battery voltage during storage/off-season disuse.

Energica Motorcycle Models

Energica Ego

2019 Energica Ego
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The Ego presents a very sporty visage that would blend right in among the top street-legal superbikes in the world. It possesses a certain KWAN that leaves no doubt that this is an Italian-born machine; an almost feminine flow to the design of the body panels all but completely obscures the heart of the alien drivetrain below. Definitely the most-aggressive of the pack with dead short bars and high footpegs to accommodate you fiery-eyed knee-draggers out there. The oil-cooled motor delivers 145 horsepower and 148 pound-feet of torque with a direct-drive (no shift) system that is limited to 150 mph. It comes with four Riding Modes and four Regenerative Maps for detailed power management.

Ego $22,565 13.4 kWh

Energica Eva 107

2019 Energica Eva 107
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The Eva 107 runs a naked-streetfighter panache with a small clear windscreen as the only protection for you as the pilot. Also like the Ego, it relies on fully-adjustable, 43 mm Marzocchi forks and Bitubo monoshocks that deliver adjustable rebound-damping and spring preload. Though the drivetrain is also identical to the Ego, the Eva 107 is governed to a top speed of only 125 mph.

Eva 107 $21,656 13.4 kWh

Energica Eva EsseEsse9

2018 - 2019 Energica Eva EsseEsse9
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Energica calls its latest effort the Eva EsseEsse9, and it’s even more-naked than the base model with much of the drivetrain’s innards exposed. A round headlight, faux tuck-and-roll bench seat and blackout treatment gives the finished product something of an old-school custom look. Torque output is reduced to 133 pound-feet, and top speed is governed at 125 mph, but suspension components remain the same across the board.

Eva EsseEsse9 $20,930 13.4 kWh

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