• Ultimate 3 Stars Guide for Moto X3M

Get to know all the tips and tricks to get 3 stars in all the levels of Moto X3M!

Moto X3M series is one of the most famous web game series of the last decade with more than 500+ million plays and counting. Moto X3M series has made a huge impact in the web games market with its polished gameplay and crazy game behaviors. It continues to reign over its competition with its stunning game art visuals and fantastic 2d gameplay.

Moto X3M is known for its easy to play control scheme but hard to master gameplay. It has 22 crazy level for you to complete. All of levels are filled with quality traps and obstacles for you to dodge and win.

Moto X3M is known for its hard gameplay. It lets you play the next level even if you don’t have any stars BUT all the fun lies in getting all 3 stars of each level. Collecting these stars is quite a challenge and can be very time consuming process.

In this article, we will talk about how you can get 3 stars in all the levels of the game. We will also talk about few alternative games of Moto X3M that you can check out.
Before we begin with the tips and tricks for the game. Let’s discuss Moto X3M history and all the details about the game.

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MOTO x3m - History

Moto X3M series is developed and produced by MadPuffers Studios. It was published by AceViral in the year of 2015. Since then Moto X3M has been topping charts throughout the world with its original game design and fantastic 2D gameplay.

There are currently 6 sequels of the Moto X3M series. All available to play for free on TopSpeed:

Moto X3M has gained tremendous success due to its cross platform gameplay experience. You can load it up anywhere on your Mobile/Laptop/Pc/Mac and start playing on demand.

The original Moto X3M was released in a flash version. With the discontinuation of flash player games. MadPuffers was quick to make a HTML5 version of the game and continue dominating the bike games genre on web and mobile.


How many Moto X3M games are there?

There are 6 sequel games of the Moto X3M series. With the discontinuation of the flash player. only 4 of the sequels are playable on web portals. These 4 titles are - Moto X3M 1, Moto X3M: Winter, Moto X3M: Pool Party, Moto X3M: Spooky Land.

Who made Moto X3M?

Moto X3M series was developed by MadPuffers Studios for web. They partnered with AceViral to get the game published on Android/iOS app stores.

Is there a no ads version of Moto X3M?

Currently, all the sequels of Moto X3M series have in game ads which is used to fund the future games in the series.

Moto X3M - Star System

Moto X3M allows you to pass through the levels even if you don’t have any stars for the current level. Players will admit that all the fun lies in acquiring stars in all of the levels in the game. It is a hard road to travel but something that can be crossed with practice and smart decisions.

How does it work? - Star System

When you load up the level, there is a CountUp timer that triggers when you start to accelerate the bike. The stars are given based on how fast you were able to complete the level. Each star has an assigned time point to reach for each level.
Example: an X level will set 1st star before 45 seconds, 2nd star before 40 seconds and 3rd star before 35 seconds. You will be rewarded with 2 stars if you finish the race between 35 - 40 seconds mark and 3 stars if you complete before 35 seconds.

What is the use of stars in the game?

The stars in the game are used to unlock new characters in the game. In Moto X3M, there are 3 characters including the default character. You can unlock the other two
characters by collecting 15 stars for ninja biker and 40 stars for skull death racer character.

Ultimate 3 Stars Guide for Moto X3M
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You can switch through the bikes with the white arrows next to the characters.

Now that we know the use of stars in the game, let’s see how we can get as much stars as possible in the game.

Tips to get 3 stars in all the levels in MOTO x3m

With these tips, you will get closer to achieve 3 stars for every level. It is not guaranteed to achieve 3 stars with these tips BUT by following these tips you can definitely make a lot progress in a short span of time.

Make As Many Flips As Possible

The biggest time reduction trick is to make as many flips as possible. Every time you make a flip there is a reduction of -0.5 seconds from your total time. You can also make 2 or 3 flips depending upon how much time you are in the air. The reduction might not seem like a lot BUT it definitely helps when you know the track well and when your total session time is between 2 or 3 stars time mark.

Ultimate 3 Stars Guide for Moto X3M
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How do you make flips in Moto X3M?

You can make flips in Moto X3M by leaning forward and backward when you press the Left/Right Arrow Keys. Leaning too much can lead to an unsuccessful landing. Try to land on the 2 wheels of the bike.

Explore the levels by trying again and again

Moto X3M is designed in a way to make you fail a couple of times in every level. This is how it becomes addictive. The time points are not mentioned anywhere before the level starts and you only get to see the time points on the game over screen. So, don’t be shy to try again and again on your current level because that’s how you will get to know the target time points of the level and what obstacles you need to watch out for in the level.

Control the speed of the bike!

Moto X3M has a very closely packed game view. Which doesn’t allow you to see the next obstacle or walls. Try to remain slow when you approach a slope or a steep because that’s where all the obstacles are usually placed. Sometimes, having a fast speed is a good way to cover a lot of distance in a few seconds BUT at some phases of the level, the game requires you to slow down. Otherwise, you could ride fast into a wall or an obstacle.

Watch out for this yellow sign which indicates a slow down of the bike is needed to continue.

Ultimate 3 Stars Guide for Moto X3M
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Similar/Alternative Games Of Moto X3M

If you’re looking for an alternative for Moto X3M, here’s are list of games available to play for free on TopSpeed:
Extreme Moto Run V3: This game is heavily influence by Moto X3M. The graphic art is really cool and game mechanics are quite similar to what we see in Moto X3M. There is also color customization of the character and bike.
Moto Maniac: This game is loosely based on Moto X3M. There are a lot of original game mechanics in this game which differ from Moto X3M. There is no game effects or death animation or rigidbodies when you crash your bike.
ATV Trials Offroad 2: This game is a 3D version of Moto X3M. The graphics are pretty good and you can expect a great gameplay experience from this game.

Thanks for your interest in the game!

We hope that these tips help you get all stars in each level of Moto X3M.
You can check out our own curated motorcycle games collection on TopSpeed available to play free!


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