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Harley-Davidson Breakout

The Harley-Davidson Breakout is a performance-centric model that serves as H-D’s two-wheeled stoplight burner. Built on the Softail platform, the Breakout carries an engine from the middle or top of the available range to give it an edge over its fellow Softails. A whopping, 240 mm rear tire provides an uncommonly-large contact patch that helps convert the engine’s power to forward acceleration. As an essential ride, it carries minimal weight from non performance-oriented components and sports ABS protection as the only safety electronics to be found.

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The Breakout carries genetic markers from H-D’s own storied history with references to America’s old-school custom culture. Bobbed fenders and blackout paint contribute toward that end, as do the raked-out forks. To keep the profile clean, the factory mounted the license plate on the left-side fender strut, and the taillight is a narrow LED lightbar.

As a performance machine, the Breakout carries a powerful Big-Twin from the mid-range of the current engine design. Keeping weight down is a priority and the Breakout typically weighs a tad over 650 pounds soaking wet. Admittedly, that’s still a relatively heavy bike, but it has the rich torque and beefy rear contact patch to come out of the hole like a scalded dog. Clean, muscular lines and an essential, no-frills build are both hallmarks of the Softail Breakout.