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Harley-Davidson Pan-America

Harley-Davidson breaks new ground with its globetrotting Pan America machine that adds a bona fide adventure bike to Milwaukee’s lineup. Knobby tires and long-stroke suspension sets the stage and steers the MoCo off the black and onto the brown in a way that a Sportster just can’t, in spite of its derogatory “dirt bike” nickname. Even the engine is a departure from the norm; it has a 60-degree V-Twin configuration and comes liquid-cooled with a claimed output of 145 horsepower and 90 pound-feet of torque.

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The adventure-bike market is awash with viable competition, and it’s against that backdrop that the factory designed its own adventurous machine. This is a departure from the norm for the MoCo and a great risk, as well, as the Pan America will be going toe-to-toe with the establishment on its own turf, which is definitely out of H-D’s comfort zone.

The Revolution Max engine is a stressed member that completes the frame structure and lends it its final rigidity, but it’s the 60-degree V and lateral offset that really sets this engine apart from the pack. An impressive electronics suite puts the Pan America in good standing in the competitive ADV market.