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Team Hero EBR To Continue Racing At The WSBK Despite Erik Buell Racing's Closure

Team Hero EBR To Continue Racing At The WSBK Despite Erik Buell Racing’s Closure

Erik Buell Racing’s unexpected closure yesterday is still a little difficult to comprehend. The ramifications were pretty big for a lot of people, but thankfully, I have some good news to report. Team Hero EBR, the World Superbike team that rides the EBR 1190RX will continue to compete in the series.

While it doesn’t quite alleviate the pain being experienced by all the employees of Erik Buell Racing who lost their jobs, it at least allays some fears from people involved with the team. Team Manager and rider Larry Pegram confirmed to that the team will continue to race on until the season.

That said, the team still plans to issue a press release next week addressing the situation involving Erik Buell Racing. What’s important for now is that the team will continue to compete in the series, something that it can probably thank Hero Motorcycles, the Indian motorcycle brand that purchased a majority stake in EBR last year.

Some people might not know this but Team Hero EBR is actually funded by Hero, not EBR. The latter supplies the machines the team races in, which in this case is the EBR 1190RX. But with EBR closing, don’t discount the possibility of Team Hero switching bikes in the middle of the season to become a little more competitive in these races.

I like the 1190RX, but let’s face it, the bike isn’t cutting the mustard in the series. Of the eight motorcycle manufacturers competing in the series, EBR ranks dead last with just three total points to show for it. I don’t have any inside info on the issue, but don’t be surprised if next week’s announcement has something to do with Team Hero switching bikes for the rest of the season.

But for now, let’s heave a nice sigh of relief knowing that for now, Team Hero EBR isn’t going to be affected by Erik Buell Racing’s closure.

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2012 Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme

2012 Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme

Hero Honda revealed the new version of the CBZ Xtreme. Compared to the previous generation the new model features fresh headlights which are based on the ones found at the new CBR model.

The bike is also offered with a sporty dashboard which has 3 dials, one for the speedometer, one for the rpm indicator and another for the fuel indicator.

At the heart of the Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme lies an air cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder, OHC, 149.2 cc engine which delivers a maximum output of 14.4 hp at 8500 rpm and 12.8 Nm of torque at 6500 rpm. The ride quality is assured by front telescopic hydraulic suspensions and a rear rectangular swing arm with 5 step adjustable gas reservoir suspension. On the other hand, the stopping power is assured by front 240 mm and rear 220 mm discs.

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2012 Hero Honda Karizma ZMR

2012 Hero Honda Karizma ZMR

Hero Honda India has launched the 2012 Karizma ZMR which features a series of small upgrades. For the starters, the bike features new graphics, clear lens turn indicators, a redesigned engine cowl and new colors for the instrument cluster. Other features offered for the 2013 Hero Honda Karizma ZMR include a set of black alloy die-cast wheels, new fairing, silencer unit, dual light tailpiece and clear lens front indicators.

The 2013 Karizma offers a comfortable riding position thanks to its ergonomic seat and the sporty handle bar. Moreover, the bike features high class front shock-absorbers which do a great job of damping the vibrations.

On the safety side of things, the Karisma ZMR features a Bank Angle Sensor that switches off the ignition automatically if the bike tips over, tubeless tyres on both wheels, front and rear dics breakes and a multi reflector DC headlight.

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2012 Hero Honda Hunk

2012 Hero Honda Hunk

If you’re a bike that’s been bestowed the name "Hunk," you better live up to it...and then some.

Fortunately, the Hero Honda Hunk doesn’t have to worry about the proverbial backlash attached to its name. That’s because the bike has been a popular seller in the Indian market due to its dashing combination of good looks and performance know-how.

For the 2012 model, the overall look of the bike remains largely unchanged, although the addition of a digital instrument cluster is a refreshing bonus. The flared fenders and tubeless tires are also attractive to the eye, while the contoured visor gives it a sexy look. Finally, the Hunk also comes with an LED tail light, a ridged muffler cover, and front and rear disc brakes.

At the heart of the Hunk, you’ll find a 150cc air-cooled, four-stroke, single cylinder engine that produces a tidy 14 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and 12.8 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm.

All told, the Hero Honda Hunk is a bike that has been designed to be most suited for youngsters, especially college students. In addition, the bike claims to have a ’big bike feel,’ which is the most popular and sought after kind of bike in the Indian market.

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2012 Hero Honda Achiever

2012 Hero Honda Achiever

We admit it; it’s easy to get caught up in a bike that pretty much gives you everything you ask for. Having said that, it’s even easier to get excited over the Hero Honda Achiever, a bike that distinguishes itself for its imposing looks and performance credentials.

The body parts of the Hero Honda Achiever are bolder than what you’d expect from a bike of this stature. It’s also got some interesting color options, making it true eye candy.

More than that, the Achiever certainly lives up to its name by coming loaded with unique features, including a front side that has a bigger mask housing a halogen lamp and position lamp. The halogen lamp and position lamp are both integrated in a butterfly-shaped headlamp cluster. The other features are a large black tinted wind screen, front turn indicators on the side panels of the mask, and rear view mirrors that are placed at the standard handlebars.

The Hero Honda Achiever carries some digital features also, most of which you can find on the dashboard. Analog meters - the speedometer, tripmeter, and fuel gauge - can also be found on the dash, making it easy for riders to keep tabs on the bike.

Most of all, the Achiever’s one pretty stout ride. Powering this glorious steed is a 150cc air-cooled, four-stroke, single cylinder OHC engine that produces 13.4 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and 12.80 Nm at 5,000 rpm.

Find out more about the Hero Honda Achiever after the jump.

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