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Honda RC213V

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2016 - 2018 Honda RC213V-S

2016 - 2018 Honda RC213V-S

Honda brings MotoGP to the public for an elite few

The “S” is based on Honda’s RC213V factory [racebike-mot2345] currently competing in the MotoGP circuit, and it is important to mention here that this is the bike that carried Honda to the Riders,’ Constructors,’ and Team Championships in both ’13 and ’14. While this isn’t quite a straight-up racebike with turn signals, it’s a fairly faithful reproduction and is as close as you will find among the production bikes on the road today. Let’s face it, to unleash a 100-percent genuine racebike on the public would be irresponsible at best, and criminal at worst, so the factory had to nerf it just a little bit. These bikes are hand built by specially trained mechanics using model-specific tools at a rate of one unit per day, so the exclusivity is undeniable.

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