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Honda CBX1000 Gets Its Own Speedometer Wristwatch

Honda CBX1000 Gets Its Own Speedometer Wristwatch

So you thought car manufacturers are the only ones that can get dibs on getting watches built for them? Think again, ladies and gentlemen, because the Honda CBX1000 Speedometer is here to prove you wrong. Inspired by the iconic 1979 Honda CBX1000, the wristwatch is the perfect complement to the lucky few in this world who still have a functioning CBX1000 inside their garages. But even if you don’t have the bike itself, that doesn’t mean you can’t own the watch.

The CBX1000 Speedometer comes with a simple layout. The leather straps are about as classic as it gets while the black face and the orange and white numerical displays evoke images of the speedometers Honda used on the actual CBX1000 models. The watch also comes in two configurations depending on the region. Those who are more familiar with the km/h measurement unit can opt to get the version that uses the system for its markings. Likewise, those in the US who recognize the mph measurement unit can get that style of the watch.

Either way, the classic styling of the timepiece, which is what you could expect from a watch inspired by one of the classiest bikes Honda has ever built. It might be a little confusing since the traditional 1 to 12 numbers have been replaced by kmh and mph markings (the kmh version runs up to 240 km/h while the mph version runs up to 150 mph).

Other notable details about the watch include the odometer, which has been set to 1047, representing the displacement of the CBX. The watch also comes with a Swiss part quartz movement and is water resistant for up to 5 bars, or 72 psi if you’re more familiar with the latter measurement.

The watch only costs €119, plus €10 in shipping fees. That converts to a total of around $150, which isn’t really as expensive as some of the more opulent collaborations we normally see from Italian automakers and Swiss watchmakers. I’m referring to you, Ferrari and Hublot.

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